Good & Bad Beauty Tips. How to Take Care of Hair and Skin the Right Way?

You will find lots of cosmetic tips online. Some of them are simply brilliant yet there are many of them you should avoid. Which ones will help you keep your skin and hair in shape? See it for yourself!


Feel free to style wet hair – the worst piece of advice you can get online. Why should you not use it? Wet hair is twice as much exposed to damage and stretching as dry hair. What can you do? Nothing easier! Before brushing, blow-dry your hair and apply an oil to prevent tangling. However, when you are out of time, gently towel-dry your strands and use a wide-tooth comb. Apply a heat protectant and style with a round brush.


Another tip is connected with eye make-up. Some blogs tell you that all colours can be mixed to create a professional make-up. Sadly, it is not true. Using shades that do not go with each other can give you ragged looks. What does a perfect eye make-up look like? Apply a colour – similar to your complexion – to the eyelid below the eyebrow arch. Dab the lightest hue in the inner corner of the eye whereas the darkest shade – in the outer corner. Use a different colour to blend the eyeshadow in the middle of the eyelid.


You must have read many times that applying creams to wet skin delivers super hydration. Nothing further from the truth. If you apply the cream to the damp skin, your face will get slick and greasy. To make things worse, the cosmetic will not get absorbed – it will leave white smudges. How should you apply a moisturiser the right way? Dry the skin well with a paper towel and apply the cosmetic – tap it with fingertips, doing a mini massage.


What can you do when your nail polish dries off? Add a bit of nail polish remover to refresh it. You probably heard it a few times. If you follow such advice, you make a huge mistake. Just think – you cleanse nails with the remover so how can the same product give the nail polish its consistency back? What can you do? Store your nail polish in the fridge and always remember to twist the bottles well. Do not wipe the brush on the bottle ridge. Wash the brush with the nail polish remover from time to time.

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