How to take proper care of your face? Face care tips

It may seem that face cream is enough to make our face healthy and beautiful. Nothing could be further from the truth. In order to have nourished skin, you need to try a bit harder than that. Check a few face care tips that will take your daily care to the next level.

Theoretically, we are aware that what we put on our skin is important. However, not many women realize that it is not just about the brand and the ingredients listed on the etiquette. It’s better to carefully analyse the compositions and, above all, learn the proper way of applying the cosmetics.

Check how to change your skincare for the benefit of the skin.

Dab the cream!

The most common skincare mistake is vigorous rubbing of the cream – just don’t do it.
This is a habit that has been probably taken from anti-cellulite care. Such way of application stimulates blood circulation and supports the process of lipolysis, so the breaking down of fatty acids, hence it is recommended on the thighs or belly.

How to apply face cream properly?

When it comes to the face care, the rules are different. Every cream or serum should be dabbed onto the skin with your fingertips. Do it with gentle, simple movements from the center of the face to the neck and hairline.

If you massage your face too energetically when applying the cream, you can stretch your skin and, as a result, speed up the wrinkle formation. The delicate face skin is more prone to premature aging.

Face cleansing

The most important rule is proper face cleansing. You need to make sure that all make-up residues, toxins and excess sebum are removed from the skin.

Improperly cleansed skin is much more susceptible to bacterial infection and inflammation. As a result, you may experience problems with acne, blackheads or skin redness.

Facial cleansing brushes

One of the most interesting ways to thoroughly clean the skin is with the use of popular facial cleansing brushes. This is a very fashionable and useful gadget. It’s worth testing them!

The facial cleansing brushes perfectly remove any type of impurities and cleanse the face several times better than an ordinary cotton pad. With such a simple gadget you can easily remove make-up residues, excess sebum, toxins, and impurities from the deeper layer of the skin and also exfoliate dead skin. As a result, the skin is perfectly clean and stimulated for quick regeneration and renewal.

OCM – the oil cleansing method

The second method of face cleansing is OCM (Oil cleansing method). This methods involves the use of natural oils.

Is it possible to thoroughly clean the skin with oil? Of course! Provided that you manage to choose the proper type of oil (there are several hundred used in cosmetics) to the type of your skin so that it does not overload your skin.

Why should you consider using oils?

The properties of oils make them great cleansing products because they can remove all types of impurities – they effectively get rid of excess sebum as well as waterproof cosmetics. Also, they nourish the skin, regulate its pH, regulate the secretion of sebum and prevent moisture loss. The skin treated with the appropriate oil is well-moisturized, soft, smooth and full of radiance.

The importance of UV filter

If we want to have a beautiful and eternally young complexion, we should include creams with a UV filter in our daily care routine. Why? Because the Sun’s UV radiation is very harmful to us (it accelerates aging, destroys collagen and elastin, dries the skin, causes discolouration) not only in the summer. Sun protection is important every day.

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