Camouflaging make-up – smart, easy, perfect

Spots, redness, hyperpigmentations, freckles, or even wrinkles or furrows can be camouflaged with make-up. Every second woman has something on her face that she wants to hide – even if it’s only the dark circles under the eyes. Nowadays, camouflaging make-up takes only a minute. All you need to do is to use special cosmetics dedicated to camouflage all that needs to be hidden.

The term ‘skin imperfections’ holds numerous unwanted changes. Spots, blackheads, hyperpigmentations, and spider veins. Each of those flaws should be treated separately: those have different colors, texture, and when ‘hidden’ in an unskillful manner, will be still visible from under the make-up. For this reason, cosmetics for special tasks have been developed – colorful concealers, CC and DD creams, or camouflaging foundations as well as a professional make-up base and creams able to even out the skin complexion. No matter what you have to hide, the effect should always be natural. Do not overdo it with the cosmetics amounts because then face will look like a mask. This is one of the rules in camouflaging make-up.

If the imperfections on your face aren’t significant, you can use simply the toning cream that can perfectly make skin complexion even. If it will not work, you should use a concealer, a foundation, and powder to conceal every skin change.

Camouflaging make-up for spider veins

If you deal with spider veins and red post-acne spots, you should use a green concealer. Apply it to every imperfection, then use the foundation and loose powder. Go for translucent powder, which can additionally scatter the light and draw the attention away from imperfections, while allowing you to avoid mask effect.

Green concealers can also help if your cheeks get red easily. The best option would be to choose a green concealer in cream form because it’s easier to apply to large skin areas. Replace the blusher with bronzer – it can also take the attention away from the reddened skin.

Camouflaging make-up for spots and freckles

In this case, best is a beige concealer with delicate pink shade or a purple concealer – it is available in both cream and pencil form. For the hyperpigmentations, best is ‘classic’ concealer or the peach make-up base. If you want to hide freckles (though personally I think they make you look prettier) just use a high-quality coverage foundation – to conceal every single spot would be too timeconsuming.

Camouflaging make-up for swelling and dark circles under eyes

For any puffiness and swelling, it should be enough to use a cold compress, but if you additionally have dark circles, then you will have to use some camouflaging concealer. It should be a tone brighter than the skin complexion. However, do not apply it to the entire swelled up the skin, just to the edge where swelled skin meets the normal skin. Remember to also avoid the use of foundation to this area but you can use a small amount of powder.

Another thing to try is a slightly yellowish concealer. However, be careful not to overdo it because it will fill the wrinkles and they will become more visible.

Camouflaging make-up for widened pores

Widened pores may be difficult to camouflage with make-up. Nonetheless, it’s not impossible. Most of all use a good-quality make-up base for oily skin. the primer will settle in the pores and makes skin smooth so applied foundation will look really pretty and cover the whole face allowing you to avoid those ‘holes’ on your face. The first layer of foundation you can apply using smudging motion and for the next one use regular tapping motion.

A great effect can also be achieved by the application of highlighting powder. The skin will look radiant and it will take the attention away from the imperfection.

White scars are usually brighter than the rest of the skin so you need to darken them. Then those will appear flat. On the other hand, dented post-acne scars should be slightly brightened up – use a correct brighter concealer with good coverage. The best product will be with a brush or a small sponge: ensures better precision.

Camouflaging make-up for wrinkles

The foundation recommended for mature skin usually contains lifting properties for the skin so it tightens skin right after application. This type of foundation has great coverage in general and can conceal all mature skin imperfections. On top of it all, foundation for mature skin contains pigments reflecting the light so wrinkles appear less visible. You can use a translucent highlighting powder on top or use eyeshadow with the same properties. Administer a small layer of it in the eyes area.

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