Stronger, healthier and more beautiful eyelashes. How to take proper care of them?

Did you know that the durability of your make-up depends mostly on the condition of your eyelashes? If they are weakened, doing make-up can be quite an issue. That is why it’s so important to take proper care of them. How to do it? Find effective ways to make your eyelashes stronger, healthier and more beautiful and check how to remove your make-up properly.

How to make your eyelashes long and thick?

The length and density of your lashes depend on many factors. These include:

  • Genetic determinants – genes determine the general appearance of eyelashes, their length, thickness as well as growth rate and growth cycle; all of those factors are inherited from family members just like genetic disorders and eye diseases.
  • Diet and lifestyle – if we provide the right nutrients to our body, then the lashes will be strong and healthy; Vitamin A, B, C, E and H, copper, zinc, iron and some fats are necessary; when it comes to lifestyle, you should be active, rest a bit and avoid drugs and air pollution.
  • Proper care – nutrients and natural products will certainly bring positive effects in eyelash care; avoid any type of mechanical and chemical damage that can occur during a visit in an unprofessional beauty salon or careless make-up removal.

Eyelash make-up – useful tips

Before you begin to apply mascara, wipe the brush to remove the excess formula that could make it difficult to do make-up – make the lashes clumpy, smudge and generally give a very unaesthetic effect. So how to do it properly? Start to apply mascara with the eyelashes in the middle of the eyelid. Apply the formula at the base and spread it up to the ends. Then, take care of the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Coat them in mascara with the tip of the brush; do the same on the lower eyelashes.

Zigzag application of mascara is a very popular method of doing the eye make-up. This method works best when applied during the second layer of formula, the first one should be applied the traditional way. Remember to wait between the first and second layer so that the first one is completely dry. Thanks to this, the eyelashes will be thicker, full of volume and thoroughly coated. As the last stage you can comb your lashes with a special comb to separate all hairs.

To obtain a thickening and lengthening effect and generally make your make-up more effective, use the mascara primer. It is a special product with a transparent, white or black formula that nourishes, thickens and lengthens the eyelashes. Unfortunately, this is a one-off result. Eyelash serums give similar but long-lasting effects.

Make-up removal step-by-step

Make sure you have the below-mentioned cosmetics and accessories:

  • two-phase make-up remover, cleansing milk or micellar water (choose the product for skin type, eye sensitisation and make-up type: waterproof or ordinary);
  • cotton pads, bought in a drugstore or hand sewn; cotton bud
  • your favourite make-up removal products.

First, remove make-up from your face, then soak the cotton pad in the make-up remover. Put in on your eyelid and wait until all the make-up dissolves. You might need more than one cotton pad. This is the first and very popular way to remove make-up. The second method, however, involves applying the cotton pad soaked in the remover to the lower eyelid and closing the eye. Then with the use of the cotton bud apply a bit of the make-up remover on the eyelashes and put another clean cotton pad on it. In the last method you apply oil or a cosmetics based on oil to the entire eyelid and eyelashes, and then remove it. At the end, rinse your eyes with warm water to avoid irritation.

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