The benefits of BB cream. Why should you use it?

In theory, you have heard of BB cream, but you are not yet sold on them and you still believe that those are simply not capable of replacing the foundation? Here are 5 reasons why you should switch up your foundation for BB cream. Some of its features may surprise you!

BB cream (beauty balm or blemish balm) took the beauty industry by storm and for quite a few years now it stays at the top of most popular cosmetics. Its greatest asset is that it combines the action of foundation and face cream. However, it’s a simplification of the matter that should unwind a bit. Here are the 5 reasons why BB cream use is better than a regular foundation.

Why should you use BB cream?

1. No dryness because it moisturizes.

The reason why so many people struggle with foundation use is that it may cause dryness. In their opinion, the foundation should most of all conceal imperfections and even out the skin color, not condition the skin. Therefore, it happens that the foundation causes tightness and dryness to the skin. BB cream includes the action of regular face cream so you avoid the dryness effect. What’s important is that this product is able to improve hydration in the skin so is a great choice for dry skin.

2. It’s light and provides a more natural effect.

A huge benefit of BB cream is the fact that it is delicate. It does not mean only that it treats skin gently, but because it provides a really delicate effect. This natural effect will be particularly appreciated by people when they use regular foundation, it does not look good. The fact that BB cream is really light makes for very natural make-up and a beautified face without masking. For this reason, make-up with BB cream works best for younger people because in their case subtle effects and lack of exaggeration in appearance are highly important.

3. It does all that foundation: camouflages and makes skin smooth.

If you worry that BB cream will not work in your make-up as well as the foundation, you should simply test it. The truth is that high-quality BB cream does all that foundation so it camouflages imperfections, makes the face look better, and skin becomes smooth. If your skin is free of major skin changes, then BB cream is all you need. However, if you have visible acne and you want to conceal it, you should first use a concealer and only then proceed with BB cream.

4. Conditions and protects skin while you wear make-up.

The fact that differentiates BB cream from the foundation is that it conditions the skin. No foundation is able to take care of the skin as efficiently as BB cream. Why? Because only BB cream combines the properties of face cream. That is why you do not need to use a moisturizing make-up base. It shortens the time necessary for the make-up but also makes skin perfectly moisturized, nourished, and free from irritations. When it comes to people with sensitive skin that’s a huge plus.

5. It’s multipurpose and matches all skin types.

The great advantage of BB creams is that those are a multipurpose product. The problem with the foundation is that you have to match it with your skin type and needs. When it comes to BB cream you avoid having this problem because it can be used on all types of skin. Most of the available BB creams hold similar action (makes skin smooth, conceal imperfections, take care of skin hydration and protect against external factors) so the choice of a specific product depends on you, your budget, needs, and knowledge about the brand.

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