Nighttime Skin Care – 5 Steps Towards Stunning Flawless Face

The night is the time when both our bodies and minds rest. Lots of skin-regenerating processes take place and actually we can… help them! What to do to wake up more beautiful in the morning? Discover five steps leading you towards flawless beautiful skin and make use of them in your evening beauty ritual.

Nighttime Skin Care – 5 Key Rules

1. Put your mind to purifying the skin

Obviously, make-up removal is the fundamental element of skin care. Without it, your skin has no chance of repair whereas the processes are disturbed. ‘Blocked’ by the make-up layer, the skin can’t function properly, therefore, no matter the circumstances, remember to get rid of make-up products before going to bed.

Apart from removing make-up, try cleaning the face with a scrub matching your skin type. In the case of extremely oily skin, use the scrub even a few times a week. Doing it in the evening makes the best choice – this stimulates micro-circulation and increases skin sorption – in other words, it makes active ingredients of creams absorb quickly and easily, working more intensively. If you’re not pressed for time – apply a mask after the exfoliation to intensify the skin care and ensure an extra dose of nutrients.

2. Sleep on two pillows

Because of the adverse flow of lymph, you wake up with unnaturally puffy skin and eyes. If you want to avoid that, put an extra pillow under the head so it’s slightly lifted. The lymph will flow down and you will wake up looking rested and glowing.

If your hair is thin and fragile, tends to break, tangle and fall out – get yourself a silk or satin pillowcase. In this way, you avoid sleep lines on the face and tangled hair. Also remember to keep your bed sheets clean and fresh – replace them once a week – a dirty bed sheet is a source of bacteria and impurities.

3. Remember about the proper night cream

If you go to sleep early, your skin is surely grateful. Regenerating processes are the most intensive before 10 pm so remember to apply a nutrient-rich night cream around this hour. Choose the one that repairs, nourishes and also moisturises skin. If you’ve got mature skin, apply a suitable serum under the cream as it works more strongly and reaches the deepest skin layers.

Night creams are much thicker because the skin works more intensively during sleep and the cream ingredients have time to penetrate inside.

4. Use natural skin care products

Ill-matched skin care and products with controversial ingredients can do more harm than good. They are comedogenic, clog skin pores and disturb the natural processes. If you’re into highest-quality care – devote some time to analyzing the ingredients of a given face cream or serum. Natural oils also make a good solution, having numerous vitamins, minerals ad plant sterols. Oils make skin smooth, nourish it and regulate the processes occurring in epidermis. Many oils are suitable for oily skin (having anti-septic qualities, disinfecting skin, controlling sebum secretion and treating acne). Oils can be used at all ages. Mature skin is going to like their rejuvenating power – regularly applied oils smooth fine lines and delay skin ageing processes.

5. You need your beauty sleep!

It seems obvious for many of you yet it turns out we devote less time to sleep nowadays. We don’t get enough sleep and go to bed late. That is why the skin doesn’t have enough time for repair, it looks tired and sallow; wrinkles appear rapidly. If you care for a radiant face – do your best to sleep 8 hours a day as often as possible. Soon, you’re going to see your face has undergone a huge change for the better: smoother, firmer and dazzling with a healthy skin tone.

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