You Cannot Do These Beauty Treatments & Facials in Spring

There are some beauty treatments that you can’t do in spring and summer. If you didn’t make it in winter or autumn, you must wait until next year. Are you impatient? You’d better not risk or you will end up with skin irritation and damage. Check which facials to restrain from.

Why some facials and treatments can’t be done in summer?

Nothing complicated about it. Some products and facials cause allergic reactions due to the sun exposure. It means that pigmentation spots, scars and other blemishes occur on the treated skin because of UV radiation. The treatments that are forbidden in spring include exfoliation, laser therapy, cryotherapy, permanent makeup.


Among others, chemical peels, dermabrasion and microdermabrasion. It involves removing calloused skin with exfoliating substances or special devices. Afterwards, the skin needs around a month for the repair. In the meantime, you must avoid the sunlight, heat and sunbaths, irritative substances and treatments.

Laser therapy

It aims at removing blood vessels, moles and unwanted hairs with a laser. The laser-emitted light treats acne, acne rosacea and pigmentation spots, too. If you want to give the therapy a try, you must avoid the sunlight four weeks before and after the procedure. The time for the skin repair is a must as well. Otherwise, you’ll end up with irritation, pigmentation spots and inflammation.


This facial uses Liquid nitrogen to remove scars, acne lesions and moles. Cryotherapy involves freezing the outer skin layer with the dry ice, causing redness. The sun exposure after the procedure could lead to complications.

Semi-permanent makeup

The treatment involves introducing pigments under the skin. If we desire a long-lasting intense color, we must wait until autumn to do the semi-permanent makeup. Sunrays may reduce the durability and cause the pigment discoloration. Too long sun exposure can lead to, among others, bruised lips after having semi-permanent lip makeup done.

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