Cosmetics with vegetables. How do natural cosmetics work?

Fresh vegetables are a great source of vitamins, microelements, essential oils, acids and other substances with a number of care properties. For this reason, products with vegetables are becoming more and more popular on the market. How do natural cosmetics with carrot, pumpkin, sugar beet, black turnip, cucumber and tomato work?

Cosmetics with carrots

Carrot contains many minerals (including potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sulphur, iron and copper), flavonoids, vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C, E, H, K and PP) and pro-vitamin A – carotene. The last of those is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals and evens out the skin tone. Thanks to such amount of vitamins and minerals, cosmetics with carrot extract or carrot seed oil nourish the skin and accelerate its regeneration. They are particularly recommended for dry and mature skin.

Cosmetics with pumpkin

Pumpkin regenerates the skin and delays the aging processes. In fact, there are cosmetics containing the extract of either pumpkin flesh or seeds. The former one is rich in minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium) and vitamins (mainly E, C and beta-carotene). All these substances help to regenerate the skin, maintain the proper moisture balance, capture free radicals and neutralize their harmful effects, delay the aging process and also reduce acne. The latter, in turn, contains large amounts of squalene –  a component of skin surface polyunsaturated lipids and phytosterols that improve the structure of cell membranes, and also increase the elasticity of the skin.

Cosmetics with sugar beet

Betaine – an amino acid obtained in beet extraction. Betaine inhibits the loss of water through the skin, as a result making it better moisturized, smooth and pleasant to the touch. In addition, it smoothes the hair, making it easier to comb and preventing static hair.

Cosmetics with black radish

Black radish is a type of radish with spicy flavour and quite unpleasant smell indicating the presence of sulphur compounds. They improve the microcirculation in the scalp, the result of which being strong hair follicles. Black radish provides the hair with many nutrients, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, fluorine, iron, zinc and manganese, as well as vitamins A, C and B group. In addition, this vegetable contains phytoncides with a bactericidal action that help fight dandruff and regulate the activity of sebaceous glands, thus minimize the problem of greasy hair.

Cosmetics with cucumber

The nutritious properties of cucumber are thanks to a high content of water (about 95%), mineral salts (sulphur, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron), organic acids and vitamins (A, B, C and PP). The pH of cucumber is the same as our skin’s, so such cosmetics tone, moisturise, soften and refresh it. In addition, it tightens the skin and reduces discolourations. Cucumber is most often an ingredient of products for oily and acne skin.

Cosmetics with tomato

The most valuable component of tomatoes is lycopene – a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from UV rays and the harmful effects of polluted environment. In addition, it reduces DNA damage and thus delays the aging process of the skin. The effects of lycopene are enhanced by vitamins (C and E) and carotenoids, which are a great source of provitamin A. Cosmetics enriched with tomato extract smooth and brighten the skin, moisturize it, improve its elasticity and tightness, and also reduce acne during puberty.

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