Is it worth having a dog? Health benefits resulted from being a dog owner

Let’s put it straight, dogs make mess, destroy furniture, spread diseases and require spending money on them. Moreover, they have to be vaccinated, fed and some breeds need to be sent to a hairdresser. Yet, when you see this wiggling tail, which your dog welcomes you with, you immediately forget about all the drawbacks. Especially that being a dog owner produces immense benefits.

We spend more time outside thanks to which we regularly take care of our muscles and joints. Moreover, physical activity performed on fresh air equals reduced blood pressure, reduced cholesterol level and additional vitamin D portion which, in turn, translates into reduced risk of heart diseases, cancers and depression as well as good mood boost.
We avoid allergies
It’s a scientifically proven fact that kids growing up in a company of pets are less prone to animal allergies because they are gradually winning resistance to fur. Moreover, lower degree of dust and pollen allergy as well as asthma was also noticed.
Petting reduces stress
Gentle petting and brushing of dog doesn’t only calm down the pet but also its owner. It happens like that because during this process your organism secretes oxytocin – a hormone which is responsible for generating the feeling of tranquillity and safety. Furthermore, oxytocin reduces high concentration of another hormone – cortisol, which makes you feel anxious and stressed.

We feel less lonely
When you have a dog, you aren’t alone. It follows you like a shadow, it watches what you’re taking out from a bag, and checks out what you go to the kitchen for. Moreover, dogs are able to sense your sadness and do their best to put you back in a good mood. Additionally, dogs can even sense when your sugar level becomes reduced! They can smell it.

We feel loved
Do you know anybody who always enjoys seeing you? Yep, that’s your dog. Even if you have just been curt to it or have just deprived the dog of its favourite toy, it’s always happy about your presence. You can gain 20 pounds, wear no make-up or uglify yourself with a new short haircut – dog’s love is unconditional.

We meet new people
Thanks to the fact that you go outside and take your dog for a walk you can meet new people, including neighbours whose existence you weren’t even aware of. Frequently, the people you pass by also have dogs, which makes it a good subject to start a conversation with.

We have a goal
You don’t feel like getting out of the bed? Taking a shower, getting dressed, leave home? And what if you realise that there is a being that needs you because it isn’t able to cope on its own? And its lovely muzzle… Think again, when you take all these aspects into consideration, would it be still difficult for you to get out of bed?

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