Provoking makeup, provoking collection. Dr Irena Eris and her ProVoke line

Spring-Summer 2015 season, ProVoke series from Dr Irena Eris. This time, the cosmetic series comprises of three products of a multi-task application. Learn about the general-purpose ProVoke cosmetics.

Basically, ProVoke cosmetics are produced in elegant, white, little boxes closing with a click. The distinguishing feature of the collection is its wide range of applications concerning equally each and every of the products. To demonstrate, the highlighter can be used as an eye shadow, and our lips can be painted with the blusher. Generally, the cosmetics are to be put on our eyelids, cheeks and lips with a make up brush, (unfortunately, none attached) or simply with a fingertip. Which cosmetics in particular are components of ProVoke collection form Dr Irena Eris?

The first one is an eye and cheeks powder. This cosmetic is pressed and arranged in a form of a rosette. Each of the shades can be used separately, applying as the eye shadow or together as the cheek powder. The rosette is composed out of three colours: bright pink, orange and écru. As a consequence, this palette gives skin fresh and slightly opalescent appearance. The special, ultra-sheer formula provides complexion with smoothing. Moreover, the capacity of Rosette for Eye & Cheek ProVoke equals eight grams.

The second component of ProVoke line is eye shadow and blusher joined together. In the box, we find a cosmetic shaped in a bunch of little roses of Tea Rose colour. Obviously, we can apply it on eyelids achieving nude style effect or we can put it on the cheeks as a blusher modelling the face. What is more, this product can be applied both, in a dry and wet manner. Finally, this Dr Irena Eris product has got light, powdery-like consistency, is easy to apply and holds for long hours.

The last product from ProVoke line is eye shadow and highlighter packed in one box. At first glance, it is quite similar in the appearance to the above-mentioned cosmetic. What is more, it is available only in Champagne Rose colour. When it comes to its application, it can be used both as eye shadow and highlighter to brighten cheeks or under eyebrows area up. Moreover, it can be used in a dry and wet manner. Again, in comparison to the above-mentioned ProVoke cosmetics, this product is also easy to apply and has got powdery-like formula.

Tea Rose and Champagne Rose cosmetics are of 4 grams each.

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