TOP 5 make-up propositions for mature women

Crazy colors? Bold and glittery eyeshadows? Make-up contrasts? Can mature women pull off any of it? What type of make-up is the best for mature skin? We have chosen 5 propositions that can make you look younger.

Make-up trends – Be natural

This make-up focuses on natural yet flawless skin. The point of interest here is to camouflage skin imperfections as the effect is stunning and can make you visibly younger. You can choose out of numerous cosmetics ensuring flawless skin. Starting from CC or DD creams to professional face creams for skin improvement which are also rich in special microcapsules (e.g. Artdeco Instant Skin Perfector).

How to put on the make-up?

Apply your moisturizing cream (best with SPF), fortify your skincare with cream containing micro-pigments, and conceal all imperfections with concealer close in color to your skin complexion. Add some definition to eyebrows with a brow mascara, pencil, or tint – remember to aim for the natural look. Put on some mascara for more expressive eyes. Treat lips to some lipgloss. Your make-up is ready!

Make-up trends – grey and beige eyelids

Make-up is all about fresh and rested eyes. The secret is in beige and grey eyeshadow able to extract your eyes glow and make them look rested. This color, in particular, is called taupe and you should look for it when completing your cosmetics. Every other high-end brand has it in its offer because taupe matches every skin type.

How to put on the make-up?

Apply foundation or CC cream, use eyeshadow base of choice to increase durability and pigmentation. Now, using a brush, gently apply taupe eyeshadow to the eyelids all up to the crease to subtle blend the contour. Put on the mascara, define eyebrows, use some lipstick in shade of light pink. You’re ready!

Make-up trends – radiant glow

It’s a make-up proposition that stuns with a radiant glow and draws the attention away from wrinkles and imperfections. This make-up will not highlight the face all the way and will not make you look fake. For this reason, you can use it as your everyday option. It is focused on subtle light play.

How to put on the make-up?

The effect of radiant, glowing, and rested skin can be achieved by applying highlighting make-up base before the foundation or BB/CC cream. Once the base and foundation are applied move on to eyeshadows, lipstick, and mascara. You can achieve the glow effect also when you use a smudge of coral blusher matching your skin complexion along the cheeks.

Make-up trends – short eyeliner

The line on the eyelid and its variations are a constant inspiration for make-up artists. We know one that is subtle and makes you look younger! We’re talking about a line that is shortened to 2/3 of upper eyelid length. It works perfectly for the eyes of mature women.

How to put on the make-up?

Use foundation matching your skin complexion, apply eyeshadow base, and matte nude eyeshadow. It will make your look fresher and lighter. Now take the pencil in the color of choice (remember not to overdo it so avoid to expressive colors) and draw a line starting from the inner eye corner all the way to about 2/3 length of the eyelid. This trick will make your eyes bigger and eyelid will no longer appear droopy.

Make-up trends – coral lips

Coral is still trendy! This color can optically take away a few years and looks beautiful in combination with all skin complexions. Our personal favorite is tanned skin in combination with coral lipstick with pearly finish.

How to put on the make-up?

Apply foundation or CC cream, use a lip liner to outline the lips but do not reach all the way to the lip corners. If you want your lips to have natural look, do not apply lipstick in a regular way but rather tap it in the lips. Finish up with some mascara. Ready!

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