How to nourish eyelashes: what works best? Tips, tricks and opinions

Voluminous lashes?

Every woman dreams about it.

How to make your lashes longer? How to make them thicker and stronger? What to do to keep them healthy? Is there a way to make them longer without applying lash extensions?

Until recently, women could only dream of having their lashes grow faster. Today, it is possible. Proper care, regularity and a bit of persistence are enough to enjoy stunning lashes in a short period of time. 

How to do it?

A method for having beautiful lashes in three steps

1. An appropriate diet rich in vitamins and nutrients – faster life pace, lack of time for eating clean makes us reach for ready-made products and as a consequence, we provide our body with horrendous amounts of preservatives, instead of vitamins which have a direct influence on how we feel and how we look. 

What vitamins are best for eyelashes?

Eyelashes are nothing else but tiny hairs which is why they like the same elements as their ‘longer brothers’, they include: vitamins A and E and a range of B vitamins. You will find them in green leafy vegetables, spinach, broccoli, carrots, bran and legumes.

2. A good eyelash mascara  – you must be aware of the fact that a majority of mascara simply damaged lashes. a good-quality mascara is not the one that promises a nice makeup at the expense of health and condition of the little hairs. The best mascara works on two levels: guarantees the perfect look and conditions lashes: nourishes, strengthens and protects them. It is worth paying more attention to the cosmetics we buy, for example, check whether a mascara contains (apart from pigments) any strengthening extracts. 

3. Eyelash serum – is the best and fastest way to reinforce the bulbs and boost lash growth. An eyelash serum (sometimes referred to as an eyelash conditioner or lash enhancer) is an innovative product that nourished lashes deeply from roots to tips. Such products gain excellent reviews among many satisfied users. It is worth checking out online reviews and rankings to choose the best, top-rated product and learn more about the effects, use and benefits.