How to moisturise the skin before summer. How to do it properly and what cosmetics will be best?

The general principle of having beautiful skin is that we should remember about moisturizing the skin throughout the year. However, other hydrating rules will apply in the winter and others in the summer. Check out how to take care of your skin on warm and sunny days and what cosmetics to use.

When to start moisturising?

If you noticed that your skin is flaky, irritated or red, and the cosmetics you use do not work the way they should, it is high time you think of professional and thorough moisturising. What is more, proper skin hydration will prevent premature ageing and protect against adverse external factors.

Effective moisturising  

It consists in providing the skin with hydrating substances both from the inside and from the outside. The most important role here is played by cosmetics with appropriate ingredients. Diet is equally important, including consumption of about 1.5 litres of water during the day. Only such care will bring satisfactory results in the form of healthy and beautiful skin.

The best cosmetics are…

… those that support the processes responsible for binding the right amount of water in the skin. They can have a variety of formulas: from masks to serums through cocktails, and finally traditional creams. The ingredients that should the there are: urea, algae extracts, amino acids, vitamins A and E, lactic acid, aloe vera, Shea butter, ceramides and vegetable oils (almond, evening primrose, avocado).

Retain moisture

How fast does your skin become dry and tight, even though you regularly moisturize it? If you have such a problem, you should limit the factors that contribute to the skin dehydration. These include: frequent and long sunbathing, hot air, using harsh detergents, improper care, and hormonal disorders. These factors damage the hydro-lipid barrier, which is unable to maintain proper skin hydration.

Professional skin treatments at a salon 

To improve skin hydration, go to the beauty salon. The offer includes a lot of treatments that will improve its appearance and condition. It is, among others, a treatment with hyaluronic acid, sonophoresis, microdermabrasion and mesotherapy.

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