Planning on a sauna session or Turkish bath? Essential questions answered

Using sauna has numerous health benefits and a conditioning effect on skin. There are various types you can try. Today, let’s focus on Turkish bath and sauna. Check the must-know information before setting off for the best relaxation spot!

Is Turkish bath the synonym of health?

Warming and cooling the body by turns has lost of benefits. This form of treatment is recommended if you suffer from hypertension, cardiac insufficiency or coronary artery disease. People bothered by bone and joint pain, those who take psychoactive substances or suffer from headaches will benefit from sauna too.

Are there any contraindications?

None have been found with regard to the use of sauna by children, the elderly or pregnant women. However, if you are concerned, consult your doctor before your sauna session.

What’s the effect of Turkish bath on skin?

Most of all, Turkish bath and sauna have a positive effect on the skin’s protective coat. Thanks to that, the skin is able to lock in more water, is hydrated, has balanced pH, therefore, it is more resistant to harmful outside factors. What’s interesting, reduced secretion of sweat has been observed in sauna and Turkish bath fans.

Should acne rosacea sufferers avoid Turkish baths?

They are advised to avoid hot rooms but the negative effect of sauna on acne sufferers hasn’t been proven. If you want to give it a go, do it and observe the reaction of your skin.

Can you use sauna after having a facial?

You should take a break between a sauna session and esthetic medicine procedure. Its length depends on the type of treatment:

  • 7-day break for botulinum toxin;
  • 14 days for hyaluronic acid filler or mesotherapy;
  • 7 days since skin starts exfoliating after microdermabrasion or peel;
  • 30 days for laser therapy to close blood vessels;
  • 7 days for ultrasounds, radiowave therapy.

Does sauna have an antiaging effect?

When we get older, our bodies gradually lose the ability to remove toxins. Their excess contributes to faster aging process and various diseases. Luckily, thanks to sauna and sweating, we can accelerate the removal of toxins.

How to protect skin from microbes in sauna?

Damp, warm environment benefits the development of hazardous microorganisms. The skin is consequently attacked by fungi, bacteria and viruses. To keep safe, always take a towel and flip flops. Before going to sauna or Turkish bath, make sure your skin is free of damage and wounds.

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