Bloggers’ Hits! Best Tried&Tested Homemade Face Skin Toners [DIY]

Once the entire world stopped using skin toners (which is connected with launching first micellar waters), beauty bloggers took action and spoke up to defend toners, proving they’re unusually important in skin care routine and simply… irreplaceable. You can make the ones delivering brilliant skin benefits yourself. Fancy checking out what the beauty blogosphere uses for skin toning? Here are some tried and tested, homemade toners for various skin types.

Homemade face toners – benefits

A face toner is one of the inseparable elements of a daily skin care routine. Bloggers prove that many skin problems and all kinds of skin dysfunctions can result from not using a toner. A facial toner calms skin down after an everyday make-up removal and cleansing, soothes, balance pH, softens epidermis and primes for next skin treatments. It is able to regulate the work of sebum glands, shrinks skin pores, gathers the last remaining impurities, makes the face glowing, controls the production of sebum, nourishes, softens and prevents inflammation… the list seems to be endless. The choice of the right skin type matching toner is the key to success.

DIY – homemade camomile toner for oily & combination skin

  • a glass of distilled water,
  • two tablespoons of dried camomile.

Let the mixture boil; when it slightly cools down (around 80 degrees), pour the water over the camomile and let it sit in for around 20-30 minutes under a lid. Strain the herbs, pour the liquid into a bottle and when it cools down – wipe your face skin with it. Camomile toner alleviates irritated skin, cures mild acne lesions, regulates the working of sebum glands and lightens the face.

DIY – homemade bay leaf toner for acne-prone skin

  • a few bay leaves (4-5),
  • a glass of distilled water.

Put the leaves in a glass and pour hot, distilled water in. Take the leaves out and let the water cool off. A bay leaf toner may slightly dry your skin and give a feeling of tightness – so if your skin is prone to dryness or irritation – don’t use it every day; every two or three days will do. You can as well use the toner topically applying it only to the acne lesions. For a milder version, use fewer bay leaves.

DIY – homemade green tea toner for acne-prone skin

  • a tablespoon of organic green tea,
  • 100 ml of water.

Boil water and put it aside to cool it down a bit (around 80 Celsius degrees will be optimal). Strain the tea leaves and keep the liquid in the fridge – after a week, you need to prepare a new toner using fresh leaves.

DIY – homemade rice toner for dry skin

  • 100 grams of organic rice,
  • a glass of hot water.

Pour boiled water over the rice and put is aside for a few hours (preferably, for the entire night) – first cover it up with a gauze or a cotton cloth. Remember to mix the rice infusion before sleep and after waking up. This mild toner is fit for use only for around three days. After that, you need to make another one. It softens, nourishes and revitalizes the skin.

DIY – homemade parsley toner for ageing skin

  • a bunch of fresh parsley,
  • a glass of cold water.

Chop the parsley as finely as you can. Pour it with cold water, cover with a cloth and put aside for a few hours. Next, strain it using a colander with small holes and pour it into a bottle. Such a homemade toner is a rich source of vitamins and valuable minerals. It has moisturising, soothing, revitalizing and anti-aging power.

DIY – homemade apple toner for mature skin

  • one peeled apple,
  • two tablespoons of rose or witch hazel hydrosol.

Cut an apple into small pieces, put them in a small pot, pour it with a glass of water and cook, letting it boil. Cool it down, strain and enrich with hydrosols (witch hazel hydrosol for ageing and oily skin; rose hydrosol for sallow and dry skin).

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