Beautiful and dense eyebrows? Only with Nanobrow!

Beauty does not come out of nowhere. If you dream of thick eyebrows that will look good even without make-up, take care of them. Nanobrow serum thickens and darkens eyebrows because it nourishes, regenerates and strengthens them from the inside.

It is the eyebrows that give the face a special character. They are some kind of a frame – no wonder we want to emphasize them. Dark, dense and expressive eyebrows is not something new. They were on top centuries ago, although over the years they went through a series of spectacular metamorphoses. How have eyebrows trends changed over time?

Beautiful eyebrows. How did they look in the past?

In the 1920s, extremely thin eyebrows were on top that gave the face a melancholy look. Only 20 years later, natural, brighter and more delicate eyebrows, inspired by Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly, became popular. In the 1950s the most popular were Marilyn Monroe’s emphasized eyebrows. The next years brought alternatively completely shaved and drawn, thick and bushy or thin and dark eyebrows.

What’s the trend today? We love to use the ideas from past decades, which is why now we focus on natural, not too dark eyebrows. Still, we want them to be perfectly shaped and tamed. It can be done with proper care.

Why should you use eyebrow serums?

Regular use of eyebrow conditioner allows you to keep control over your eyebrows. It is easier to shape the hairs that are healthy, elastic, strong, dense and long. A well-composed brow conditioner – such as Nanobrow – can radically change their appearance. For the better! Already in a few weeks.

Nanobrow – properties and action

Regular use of Nanobrow is the best way to make your eyebrows beautiful. How does it work? The nutrients in the serum penetrate the skin directly to the tiny hair bulbs so that with each application they strengthen them. Positive and quick effects of Nanobrow can be noticed after 2-3 weeks of use.

What are the effects of Nanobrow?

  • Strengthens eyebrows and inhibits their loss.
  • Accelerates the growth of new hairs.
  • Thickens the hairs from the root.
  • Darkens the eyebrows.
  • Improves the shape of the arch.
  • Facilitates eyebrows shaping.

Nanobrow serum: components

This ultralight and fast-absorbing formula combines perfectly-suited nutrients: plant extracts (Baikal skullcap, ginseng, wheat and soybean) and extra substances which have conditioning effect and enhance repair of sparse, damaged eyebrows (arginine, panthenol, brow growth-stimulating substances). When it comes to the ingredients, Nanobrow is second to none. It is harmony combining nature with advanced formulas straight from the cosmetic labs.

Two steps to beautiful eyebrows

Many women believe that the only way to have beautiful eyebrows is through permanent make-up. We don’t really need a lingerist’s help if our eyebrows are healthy, strong and beautiful. Nutrition is the first step to beautiful eyebrows. The second one involves proper eyebrow shaping with tweezers or wax. The path to beautiful brows is simple, especially that the use of Nanobrow should not cause any trouble to anyone.

How to use Nanobrow?

  1. Make-up removal. Make-up should be thoroughly removed before applying the serum as it can block the absorption of care ingredients. That’s why it is absolutely necessary to clean and dry the skin before.
  2. Application. Nanobrow conditioner can be applied easily mainly thanks to the soft applicator. Two simple motions and a smooth serum is applied to the eyebrows, absorbed and… starts to work!

An ideal product for… you!

If you have thin, sparse and weakened eyebrows that fall out in excess, it’s time for a change. Nanobrow will work well on over-plucked brows and those weakened by the sun or other factors. It regenerates, strengthens and rebuilds when the hair when don’t look as they should.

This is definitely the best eyebrow serum you can have!

19 Comments “Beautiful and dense eyebrows? Only with Nanobrow!”

  1. Juno

    Makes eyebrows perfectly thick!

  2. Kate39

    Nanobrow is the best for growth and strengthening of eyebrows, just love it!

  3. Marie

    I used Revitabrow, but I had no effects…I wonder if nanobrow is better?

  4. alternative

    There is other serum for eyebrows as effective as Nanobrow. It’s a must have 😀

  5. Millie

    Cool product, fast effects, fair price and express delivery, I’m pleasantly surprised with this serum!

  6. Sandy

    what’s in its composition.. ?

  7. Macadamia

    i can confirm the efficency 100%!!!!!!!!

  8. girl next door

    You know what the truth is? It all depends on the problm with eyebrows you deal with. The harder the case the longer the treatment. It doesn’t mean that Nanobrow doesn’t work – it works, only when for me it was 2 weeks for my friend was twice as long because she had more damaged eyebrows than I.

  9. #ilovenanobrow

    Very swift effects, awesome product in great price, effective and one of a kind. It won me over with its rich composition and great opinions.

  10. Georgia

    INCREADIBLE INGREDIENTS and thanks to them INCREADIBLE ACTION but also fuller eyebrows

  11. Mrs Lilly

    Can someone tell me where to buy this serum with the best price?

  12. Caroline Mayer

    I always had complexes about my ugly-looking, thin and crooked eyebrows that didn’t want to grow back. Thanks to Nanobrow my eyebrows started to look more full and became stronger, finally something good it happening to them and I look like a human being again 😉

  13. Jenny D.

    My brows are not so hot. I’m so down on trying something new to make my eyebrows fuller 🙂

  14. pretty eyes

    Very encouraging composition. Wheat, soy and scullcap are the so-called baicapil and work really great on hair growth, so it is worth giving it a try.

  15. rouge

    Absorbs really well. It’s lightweight serum so lasts for long. I started using it about 2 weeks ago so I can’t tell more about the effects yet.

  16. Patricia Peterson

    Sound really cool. I bought it and had my parcel in 2 days. I’m getting to testing! Can’t wait 🙂

  17. cuddly

    What’s Nanobrow price?

  18. Kat

    It’s nice that there is finally a serum with such a great composition and effectiveness, beauty oscar for Nanobrow! 😀

  19. InLove

    I love my eyebrows after Nanobrow!


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