Hair conditioners vs. hair masks – what’s the difference?

Hair is sensitive to the weather: it does not like wind, frost, rain or strong sun. Heating, air conditioning and wearing hats does not help either. All these factors make the hair become brittle, dry and dull, and can also become static and be difficult to style. In this case, it is worth reaching for cosmetics intended for intensive hair care. What is the effect of conditioners and hair masks and how are they different?

Hair conditioners and hair masks – how do they differ?

The basic difference between conditioners and hair masks is the content of nutrients, which in the case of masks – is higher. Therefore, masks must be left on the hair for longer; penetration of nutrients may take up to 20 minutes.

Hair conditioners – action

Hair conditioners contain ingredients that penetrate the inner hair structures, thanks to which they provide an additional portion of moisture. The condition of dry hair will be improved by nutrients with amino acids and vitamin B5, proteins, keratin or cashmere. Honey-based conditioners are also suitable for damaged hair. Hair conditioners are also useful in the care of split ends as well as unruly and frizzy hair. What’s more, oily hair needs hair conditioners with the exception that dedicated cosmetics should not contain oily substances.

Furthermore, some conditioners are designed for hair with a certain colour. Such preparations deepen the colour of the hair and improve its shine. And so – hair conditioners for blondes contain extract from chamomile, and for brunettes – extract from the bark of oak, yarrow or wild cherry.

Hair masks – action

Hair masks have a high pH, thanks to which they open up the hair shaft. As a result, the regenerative ingredients from the mask are able to penetrate deep into the hair. Some hair masks require warming up because the nutrients will get deeper under the influence of heat. For this purpose, you can wrap your hair with foil and additionally, put on a towel.

Before applying a mask to your hair, wash it with a cleansing shampoo.

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