Youthful and flawless skin – 7 easy & effective tricks

The skin of the body does not age in such a visible way as the face – but at a certain age one can start noticing that it loses its firmness, it becomes dull and rough. The epidermis becomes less elastic and discolorations or pigmentation spots may appear all over the body. The first wrinkles appear most often on the neckline and neck. Is it possible to take care of the skin of the body, making it smooth and youthful? Yes, of course! We’ll show you how to do it.

How to keep the skin of the body young and flawless?

1. Apply oils and moisturize the skin

Many of us give up the use of body lotion – usually, in the morning we simply do not have enough time because we are in a hurry to work or to do our daily chores. Meanwhile, oiling and moisturizing the skin with an appropriate cosmetic is very important. Firstly, because without a proper dose of moisture the skin begins to dry out and loses its firmness faster, and thus wrinkles and fine lines are likely to appear on it. Secondly, the body lotion protects it from the adverse effects of sun radiation and from toxins from the environment.

When buying a cosmetic for the body care – always check whether it has a sufficiently rich composition. Well, if the balm abounds in natural body oils – the product will not only nourish and prevent moisture loss, but will also protect the skin from drying and provide it with a wealth of vitamins and minerals. The most recommended and effective anti-aging oils are argan oil and shea butter. It is best to use them overnight so that they have enough time to penetrate the skin and nourish it well.

2. Exfoliate regularly

Body scrubs are a great means to get rid of dead skin cells, smooth out and brighten the skin as well as strengthen the subcutaneous circulation. This way, toxins will be removed from the skin cells faster, and your body will become firm and free from any discoloration. What’s more, body scrubs detoxify the skin and make the ingredients from the balms and lotions better and deeply absorbed in the epidermis. This ensures enhanced performance of active ingredients and consequently, improved skin care.

3. Don’t be a couch potato! 

If you want your body to be youthful and firm longer – don’t forget about physical activities. They do not have to be very invasive. Sometimes a long walk or a few-minute morning exercise is enough. Try out pilates, yoga or start cycling. It will make your body younger and firmer without much effort. Exercises not only give your body a nice shape and improve your well-being but also sweeps away the toxins in the cells faster. Thanks to this you will avoid the advanced form of cellulite, and the loss of skin elasticity.

4. Treat yourself to an at-home SPA

You do not have to go to SPA centers to treat the skin with relaxation and intensive nutrition – all you need is a bath salt, a candle and an oil burner in the bathroom. After a finished, fragrant and nutritious bath, you can reach for the oil and perform a full body massage. Relaxed skin will regain a nice shade, look, and firmness. Bath salts will provide it with precious minerals, relax and calm the skin, whilst the massage will make the bod firm and elastic.

5. Pay attention to the composition of cosmetics

This rule applies to the skin of all ages – so as not to damage or irritate the skin – pay attention to what the given lotion or body cream contains. It is best if it’s composed of natural ingredients and does not contain dry short-chain alcohols, parabens, petroleum derivatives, or too many silicones or other synthetic substances produced in laboratories. As a result, the skin has the chance to absorb only safe, actually nourishing and nurturing substances that will not dry it or irritate the skin over time.

6. Protect the skin from UV radiation

Solar radiation is extremely dangerous. It not only causes numerous serious skin diseases, it also contributes to the formation of cancer. In addition, it’s also one of the most serious enemies of the skin. Why? It makes it dry, deprives it of flexibility and causes the so-called photo-aging of the epidermis. When you buy a body lotion – always check whether it has been enriched with a suitably high SPF.

7. Brush the body

Brushing the body with a special brush made of natural bristles provides a number of benefits for the skin and the body. It turns out that this treatment is extremely simple, does not take a lot of time and additionally, affects the whole body – improves blood circulation, accelerates cell detox and helps get rid of cellulite, stretch marks, unevenly distributed pigment, firms the body and strengthens skin’s absorption – this way, it absorbs more active ingredients into the interior.

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