How to do the evening make-up?

The evening make-up ought to be classy, elegant, and sexy at the same time. That look is perfect for such occasions such as wedding receptions, proms, or wide parties in the Soho. Follow a few simple tricks and be your personal make-up artist.

Before getting down to the make-up art, you need to know a few basic rules. It is very important to prepare the skin first. Moisturize it with the light cream or a lotion and wait until it is completely absorbed. On top of it, you can also use a face premier that is bound to keep your make-up in place for the whole day. The evening look is more bold and stronger than the make-up that you may wear for your office. Additionally, more setting powder and stronger eyes will look flattering in the strong artificial light. Depending on the occasion, you can wear false lashes or a bit of glitter on your cheeks. Finally, shape your face with the bronzer and a blush. Do not forget about your lips. If you accent eyes, your lips should stay nude. If you do not wear heavy eye make-up, make your pout vibrant and juicy.

Is the order important? Yes. The moisturiser and the foundation go first. Then concealer any skin imperfections, and set everything with the pressed powder. Then, it is time for a blush, bronzer, and the highlighter.

The best evening eye make-up is the smoky eye one. The lightest shade apply in the middle of your upper eyelid. Use the darker colour in the eye crease. Then draw the black line just on the lash line to add some depth to your eyes. Dark mascara and false lashes will finish the look.

Lips should always be moisturised by the lip balm before putting any kind of lipstick on. This way you make sure that, the lipstick will not dry out and that the colour will last longer. Add a bit of gloss on the middle part of lips, to make them appear bigger.

You can use special setting sprays that will hold your make-up for the whole night if needed. It is especially advisable if the weather is hot and humid and when you are more likely to sweat.

Your make-up is finished. Have a great fun!

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