Castor oil, vaseline or a lash serum – what nourishes lashes the best?

The specifics that nurture and regenerate eyelashes have an extremely long history. It is safe to say that the need for beauty was born … together with a woman. Already in ancient Egypt, the ladies invented a method that helped emphasize their eyelashes: a mixture of soot and oil is the first nod to lash care. Today we know that good a mascara is precious, but at the same time, it is not enough to make eyelashes attract attention. What is the best way to nourish them?

  1. Castor oil – it is one of the most popular products, already known to our great-grandmothers. It has conditioning and protecting properties and when used regularly – it gently darkens the lashes. Castor oil contains stearic acid: it prevents eyelashes from drying out and balances their hydro-lipid layer. Castor oil is very thick so it’s best to apply it overnight. You need to be careful during the application because castor oil can get into the eyeball and irritate. When treating eyelashes with oil, you should give up on applying makeup.
  2. Vaseline (petroleum jelly) – it helps rebuild lash outer structures (damaged layers on the surface). Thanks to a regular use, it makes them regain volume and intense colour. However, it should not be applied prior to putting on makeup as it will limit the durability of the mascara. Eyelash treatment with vaseline can take a few months – during this period, your lashes will be protected against harmful factors. It is best to apply it in the evening before bedtime. Make sure it doesn’t get into your eye – this way it could disturb the visual acuity. In the morning, gently wash it off the lashes.
  3. Eyelash serum – it’s a novelty on the cosmetic market. It has gained attention and popularity very quickly because the effects appear in a short period of time and are spectacular. The lash serum works directly on the bulbs – this way lashes become stronger, they are stimulated to grow and gain maximum volume. The best eyelash serums start working already in the first month of use – depending on the condition of our eyelashes. The product works even on dormant bulbs – it stimulates them to work, so they grow more lashes and their line becomes fuller.

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