You must have them! Cosmetics that help you save time

Probably every girl likes universal cosmetics. They enable to save time and work really well. They can be bought just for a few pennies in any drug store. If you are curious whether your skin can become prettier thanks to these cosmetics, don’t wait any longer but give a go to all of them.

Makes hair removal easier and hydrates?

This is how shaving balms 2in1 work. You apply it, shave and that’s all! Your skin is smooth and moisturised. Such balms are recommended for those people who have dry or sensitive skin, who would like to remove hair from the bikini area or don’t mind shaving almost every day. The use is plain and simple. You just have to apply a small portion of the cosmetic onto damp skin and use a razor afterwards. In this way you will get rid of the unwanted body hair. Balms soften hair, make the razors slide on skin without difficulties, moisturise and relieve irritations. In most cases, such products are closed in a big packaging featuring a pump. This kind of applicator greatly facilitates every single application of the shaving balm.

Face Multimasks

Is it possible for one, small sachet to store two various cosmetics? Obviously, it is possible! These are products, or to be more precise face masks, which are perfect for so-called multitasking. Recently, it has been considered as a fairly popular method of face care. It depends on applying a few face masks at once. Thanks to this, you can select a few products that match  needs of particular face parts – and this is how multitask face masks work like. Among these products you can find cosmetics separately designed for eye skin area, T-zone and cheeks. Such products are useful especially for the girls whose complexion is combination: oily on the chin, nose and forehead, but dry or normal on the cheeks.

Hydrating and cleansing

Great popularity is also enjoyed by moisturising balms and oils designed for showering. You wash the body, cleanse skin from sebum and moisturise skin at the same time. Such cosmetics are characterized by a creamy and delicate formula. Also, they contain natural substances and have nourishing features. What are the effects? Skin becomes silky smooth to the touch, deeply moisturised and protected against damages. Interestingly, balms and oils of such an action can replace foams and gels designed for shaving. It’s totally worth giving them a go!

BB, CC, DD creams

They have so many features that it’s impossible to enumerate them all in one breath. The creams with doubled letters in their name are being bought by more and more women. Such cosmetics replace moisturising creams, foundations, anti-ageing preparations and sunscreens. Moreover, they camouflage skin imperfections, even skin tone, protect against free radicals and deliver many nourishing substances. Their consistency is light which makes them easy to apply. What’s important, BB, CC and DD creams don’t create the mask effect and adjust to the shade of our complexion.

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