[TOP 5] Most Common Mistakes During Eyelash Care

Owners of naturally beautiful eyelashes attract jealous glances. Most women must carefully choose beauty products and use cosmetic treatments to emphasize their look. By the way, some of them make mistakes that weaken eyelashes. Check whether you have these sins on your conscience.

Eyelashes are very delicate hair, which is why it is so important to use proper care. The most important thing is constant nourishment and controlling the level of hydration of bulbs from which eyelashes grow. If the bulbs are strong, we will have no problem with falling, brittle or thinning eyelashes. There are also a few mistakes that should be avoided in everyday struggles for beautiful lashes.

Forgetting about makeup removal 

Sometimes it is difficult to motivate yourself to wash off your makeup, especially after a tiring day we would only want to cuddle with a pillow. In this case, laziness is not advisable. Not removing makeup is a simple recipe for inflammation and weakness of eyelashes. During the night, these delicate hairs have time for regeneration, which might be hampered by mascara layer covering the lashes.

Not using a serum 

Eyelash care is very important. All you need is an eyelash serum with well-composed ingredients to provide the necessary nutrients directly to the eyelash bulbs. Strengthening, regeneration and nutrition are key activities that bring us closer to the goal. Beautiful eyelashes will not appear out of the blue – you have to fight for them with effective and systematic treatments.

Using an eyelash curler on lashes coated with mascara 

An eyelash curler is not a good solution itself, although if it’s used from time to time and correctly, it helps to get beautifully curled eyelashes. It is important, however, that it should only be used on clean eyelashes! Many women forget about this principle and expose their eyelashes to breaking, sticking and plucking by squeezing them with the eyelash curler only after applying the mascara.

Using an old mascara

We tend to forget about checking the shelf life of our cosmetics. Some people do not even realize that even the mascara has its expiration date – normally it is 3 months unless the manufacturer stated otherwise. The freshness of mascara not only has an impact on ease of application and effects but also on safety. Out-of-date mascara may harm eyelashes.

Overuse of eyelash extensions 

Cosmetic eyelash treatments are becoming more and more popular. In almost every salon, we can have henna done as well as lash lifting/perm or eyelash extension. Especially in the latter case, it is worth being very careful because the mismatch of the amount and length of false eyelashes to the natural shape of the eye is a simple route to irritation. In addition, eyelash extensions significantly weaken the natural ones which results in increased lash loss.

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