Lashcode – the Best Mascara & the Most Stunning Eyelash Makeup

New dimension in lash makeup? What would you make of a mascara which gives both unflawed makeup and lash-nourishing and regenerating effect? Let me introduce you to Lashcode – a mascara which will present you with iconic, fabulous, vital lashes. Dare to amaze with the Hollywood makeup and show off your long, full, spectacular eyelashes to the world: let them glow – learn how to crack the code for gorgeous lashes with Lashcode.

Lashcode – mascara you are going to love at first sight


Because it is the only mascara which nurtures your lashes so much and cares about their growth. Lashcode is a mascara which simultaneously ensures makeup and regenerates and protects lashes from damage. The combination of plant extracts, natural amino acids and vitamins makes Lashcode brave enough to pamper those tiny hairs around your eyes. You can expect both precise lash makeup and strengthened eyelashes from the bulbs – lashes that are resistant, voluminous, growing healthy and full of vitality. It is a mascara you’ve been waiting for.

  • baicalein – it is rich in flavonoids, glycosides, tannin, phenol acid, essential oils, alkaloids, sterols; it strongly repairs and strengthens lashes, reinforces collagen and elastin fibers, enhances keratin hair reconstruction, stimulates cellular renewal
  • arginine – a natural amino acid having an enormous nourishing power; it is present in the organism, has a beneficial influence on the synthesis of keratin (building block of hair), it’s an intensive moisturiser
  • soy germ extract – strongly revitalizes lashes and is full of valuable proteins, saponins, isoflavones; it prevents eyelash loss, strengthens, conditions
  • wheat germ extract – it is the treasury of nutrients: riboflavins, tiamin, niacin, carotene, tocopherol, minerals (sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfate, iron), proteins and amino acids (gluten), sugars and fats – it boosts shine, adds softness, gives a nice dark color yet it mostly stimulates lash growth.
  • panthenol – provitamin B5 – one of the iconic nutrients protecting and enhancing the appearance of hair and lashes; it bolsters, moisturises, smoothes and thickens lashes (it is a natural building block of hair)
  • vitamin E – a strong antioxidant which prevents lash damage
  • rice wax – natural durable conditioning substance which is extracted from rice bran. It softens lashes and makes them smoother, increases glow, nourishes and protects against unfavorable outside elements

Mind-blowing eyelashes with just one coating!

A spectacular effect begins the moment you apply the first layer. So far so good. It’s only getting better – Lashcode flawlessly builds up volume and length of eyelashes – layer by layer, without any clumps, overloading or marks on your eyelids.

The incredible look is possible thanks to an ideally designed handy brush which grasps every eyelash and easily builds the effect of million lashes. The product makes the eyelash line seem fuller and accurately de-clumps lashes covering each of them (including the tiniest one) with the perfect amount. Next coatings upgrade the result: no clumping or weighing down.

Lashcode brush works on three levels:

  1. It de-clumps and styles lashes making them look fuller
  2. It precisely extends without leaving clumps
  3. It grabs every eyelash on the upper and lower eyelids without smudging them

Lashcode – mascara featuring great price, ingredients & reviews

Mascara which gets enthusiastic opinions from girls testing it – an unquestionable argument confirming its effectiveness and quality. Lashcode has been greeted enthusiastically on the cosmetic market – women recommend it to each other, bloggers and vloggers rave about it, makeup artists think highly of it. Lashcode wins in the rankings and comparison reviews of mascaras – it is the highest compliment that a mascara can get. Its price deserves recognition as well – in comparison to other prestigious mascaras and considering the quality – Lashcode price is adequate to the effect it delivers.

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