Strong Hair & Full Long Lashes? It’s Simple!

Do you keep changing your lotions, shampoos and mascaras, hoping to find the perfect cosmetic? Are you worried about more and more lashes on the cotton pads? Have you noticed your hair is getting weak whereas your lashes are falling out excessively?

Today, we tell you what to do so your hair amazes with shine and volume whereas your lashes astonish with density and length. It doesn’t turn out to be complicated or time-consuming.

The problem of hair and lash loss is mostly caused by the poor condition of bulbs. It’s clear that long hair on your head and tiny hairs around the eyes have their life cycle – it’s normal that you lose several hairs while brushing and some lashes fall out during the makeup removal. It’s a sign that a new hair is going to appear. Still, if the problem is intensified, you should reach out for products which are able to repair your hair and lashes from the very roots – the bulbs.

How to nourish your eyelashes and keep them from falling out?

Lashes – similarly to their bigger companions (hair) – need extra care and proper products. Pay attention to your makeup removers and mascara. When it comes to the health of your lashes, don’t go for compromises: choose cosmetics that are rich in nutrients and are as natural as possible. To provide them with the maximum enhancement, go for a lash serum. It is able to rebuild the hairs, promote their growth and make the lashline fuller. An eyelash serum respects the lash life phases, extending the anagen (the growth phase) so that bulbs can get the maximum number of nutritional ingredients. In this way, your eyelashes have more time for growth and repair.

How to nourish your hair and keep it from falling out?

Your hair also needs treatments that influence the bulbs – it’s the only way to enhance your hair and hinder hair loss. Natural oils are savers. If you want your hair to get back its shine, health and strength, do a hair oil treatment regularly (minimum once a week), remembering to apply an oil or a good mix of oils to your hair and mostly to the scalp. Good hair oils have the ability to rebuild damaged strands, protect them from damage, hinder hair thinning and even promote its growth.

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