Hero Five! The most popular ingredients of anti-age cosmetics

Anti-aging cosmetics have their own rules. Its action is based on ingredients that ensure the anti-aging properties. For the cream to be classified as anti-aging, it needs to have at least one such substance. What are the ingredients in question?

Meet the hero five of the wonderful ingredients that fulfill this magical rejuvenating action in cosmetics.

What are the popular ingredients of anti-aging cosmetics?


In fact, retinol is a derivative of vitamin A but it is taken on to use it interchangeably. It is a popular ingredient of anti-age cosmetics though it is equally often used in anti-acne treatments.

Retinol, if used accordingly to the rules (otherwise can cause irritation) can:

  • stimulate collagen and elastin production which are important for the skin to retain its suppleness;
  • speed up epidermis exfoliation so skin regeneration is faster and skin gains even complexion;
  • regulate sebum secretion, but also clear and tighten pores so eliminate acne and blackheads.

These are the three most important properties of retinol though not only ones. This component was tested and has confirmed anti-aging action. It rejuvenates on many levels and on various different ways.


Collagen is a protein that happens to be one of the most important ones in the skin. It is made with amino acids and makes tissues – it is a binder for cells in the skin and cartilage. For the people who wish to preserve their skin’s youth, the most important is collagen type I.

Why is collagen such an important component of anti-age cosmetics? Because with age, collagen production decreases in the organism and that translates directly to first signs of aging to appear, for example, loss of firmness and elasticity, wrinkles and weakening of hair that becomes very thin.

It is worth knowing that collagen not only keeps skin and hair in good condition but also improves mood. Its antibacterial action has also been proved.


A highly important ingredient of rejuvenating cosmetics is also ubiquinone, in other words, coenzyme Q10. It is an organic compound responsible for cellular metabolism and is very important for a healthy and young appearance. There is a good reason why it is called the youth elixir:

  • it eliminated free radicals;
  • speeds up cellular renewal process;
  • inhibits premature aging of the skin;
  • strengthens and protects against damages.

An enormous benefit of coenzyme Q10 is its absorption, versatility, that it is safe for use and easy to obtain. No wonder it is such a highly valued ingredient of anti-age cosmetics.


When it comes to anti-aging ingredients, there is no way to skip vitamin E also known as tocopherol.

This valuable vitamin should be delivered to the organism on a daily basis. Reason? Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant and supports skin regeneration, hence it inhibits premature aging, the skin is smoother, has even complexion and appears to be radiant. There is no doubt when it comes to vitamin E obvious benefits.


A last ingredient is a group of ingredients, also known as ceramides. These are natural substances in the epidermis that take care of proper hydration levels. Ceramides create a protective layer on the skin so that it would not lose so many valuable nourishing ingredients and water. It also protects the skin against freeze, wind, temperature and UV radiation. Ceramides are a great choice for anti-age cosmetics so you should look for them in creams and conditioners.

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