How to remove make-up properly? Tips for your nighttime skincare routine

Make-up removal is a very important stage of skin care. It must be done every evening and with the right cosmetics. If you are not sure how to do it properly, read this brief guide. Check what you should avoid when removing your make-up.

Do you remove your make-up properly?

If you are not sure if you’re doing it right, do a test. Remove your make-up as you normally do every evening, dry your face and then rub it with a cotton pad with oil. Oil removes oil, and thus all fatty impurities (the remains of thick creams and excess sebum). Pay more attention to the eyelids, cheeks, chin, neck and hair area. Then check the cotton pad – if there are any remains of cosmetics and dirt, then you have not removed your make-up properly.

With or without water?

Both methods have their supporters and opponents. Still, both of them are correct and effective but only if done properly. Keep in mind, however, that the choice of the method should depend on the type of skin. The difference includes also a slightly different method of removing cosmetics from the face.

Make-up removal cosmetic products

1. Gels, foams and pastes

These cosmetics for removing make-up contain detergents that effectively clean sebum, impurities and coloured products. They are the most suitable for oily and combination skin, but dry one can also be cleansed with those products (the product should not contain SLS, though). Unfortunately, gels, foams and pastes are not able to thoroughly clean waterproof products. This requires the use of a stronger product, such as micellar water or two-phase make-up remover. The skin is left fresh and clean, without oily film on the face.

2. Oils, cleansing milks, two-phase make-up removers

They easily remove fats, excess sebum and thick cosmetics. Removing make-up with these products is quite time-consuming. Essential oils, cleansing milks or two-phase make-up removers as oil-based products effectively remove fatty impurities. This method of make-up removal is recommended for dry skin, the owners of oily skin with a tendency to clog pores should not use them. Before cleansing exfoliate the skin – the effects will be better.

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