Heat Protection Spray for Hair. Choose the best [ranking, comments, performance]

Did you know that the heat protection spray is the only cosmetic that has the power to defend your hair from the heat damage caused by a blow dryer, straightener or curler? There is no other way to enjoy healthy and strong stands if they are regularly exposed to the high temperatures. Which heat protection spray should you choose? Check out the ranking below, which we created basing on what regular users think about the top-chosen heat protection sprays for hair. Now it’s time for you to use a good quality heat protection to steer clear of the heat damage.

Qualities of a good quality heat protection spray for hair

For a heat protection spray to be considered high quality, it must have a few qualities. First – it must deliver real effects. For example, it has to offer a strong heat damage protection, keeping the hair safe against extremely high temperatures. Second – it should contain nutrients and hydrating agents that are important for the hair. For example, such a product should be formulated with silk, vitamins and keratin. Third – the formula should be lightweight, which means that the product shouldn’t drag hair down. Additionally, the formula should also leave hair nice-looking and shiny.

Based on these criteria, we created the below ranking of the best heat protection sprays for hair. Check which product lives up to your expectations.

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The undisputed winner that receives positive reviews from its users. Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray offers a super strong heat protection up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit / 220 degrees Celsius. This means that no heat styling tool will cause damage to the hair any longer. Moreover, this product is recognized among the professional hair stylists who use it to create amazing-looking styles. This spray promotes shine and smoothness, leaves hair pleasant to the touch and doesn’t deprive it of volume. The zero-oil formula increases manageability of hair, thus making styling easier. Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray is formulated with silk proteins and vitamin E that together nourish, protect and boost shine. They also make hair stronger and repair damage. It’s also able to replenish water to hair, combating brittleness.


Ouai Heat Protection Spray is another top-rated heat protection spray that users from all over the word appreciate for the effects it delivers. The formula is super-lightweight which makes the product good even for extremely heavy and oily hair, as well as for thin, delicate, tangle-prone strands. Ouai Heat Protection Spray effectively combats heat damage, leaving you with perfectly-looking hair. Some users complain about the high price but the effects delivered by this heat protectant are really amazing. This cosmetic is formulated with advanced thermal polymers that keep hair safe from extremely high temperatures. The same constituent is responsible for boosted shine and smoothness.


Are you dreaming of super smooth, deeply nourished hair that remains resistant to high temperatures? If the answer is positive, then you should consider giving Kevin Murphy Ever Smooth heat protectant a try. The plant extracts that this spray is full of will take care of everything, leaving you with perfect-looking hair. Even though it’s not the cheapest cosmetic that you can get, it’s definitely the one that works best. Kevin Murphy offers a world-best quality, which is recognized by the greatest hair stylists. Ever Smooth spray is easy to use and has a pleasant aroma. Additionally, it doesn’t drag hair down and protects the color of hair. This all is owed to the unique set of ingredients taken from tree bark, lemon aspen and white cypress.


Is there anyone who doesn’t know what Kerastase is? Probably not. This well-known cosmetic brand launches products that hairdressers from all over the world use in their salons. Their Chronolongiste Termique receives raving reviews mostly because of the high heat protection powers it has. This product contains a precious and pretty unique pair of ingredients that work to the hair’s advantage, leaving it stronger and shinier. These substances are known as Edelweiss extract and ginger root extract. Together they nourish and moisturize the strands so they stop splitting and breaking. Even though Kerastase Chronolongiste Termique is quite thick, it works for almost all hair types, including extremely damaged and over-processed hair.


Here is another heat protection spray that takes good care of even very damaged and dehydrated hair. Alterna Caviar Leave-in Heat Protection Spray has a composition designed to not only protect but also deeply nourish the hair. Its composition is made up of vitamins A and C that repair damage and leave hair stronger. Vitamins B6 and B12 promote hair growth. Biotin in turn is responsible for improving hair appearance, making the strands better-looking. Interestingly, this heat protection spray seems to work best on mature hair that can’t hold moisture.