How to boost hair volume? Discover useful methods!

Thin, damp, lacks volume. If this is the description of your hair, then it’s time to do something about it. Discover the proven ways that will make your hairstyle regain the look you want, and your highlights will be healthy and beautiful.

Proper care

You will not do any good if you do not take care of your hair properly. Even the most fashionable hairstyle will not look nice on damaged strands with split ends. It is important to determine the type of hair and scalp and choose the appropriate cosmetics for care. Pay more attention to the quality, natural composition, effects and positive feedback. For better results, use products from one range of care.

Long or short?

As it turns out, the length of hair also matters. Longer hair is heavier, and thus it will not be as voluminous. If your hair is extremely thick, it will be extremely difficult to lift it up from the scalp. Therefore, the best solution is to trim the hair and give it lightness with the right cut.

Colour and structure

We can optically enlarge the volume of thin hair with proper colouring. However, it should be remembered that one colour will not provide the desired effect. Therefore, it is worth choosing one of the dyeing methods, for instance, ombre or flamboyage. Three-dimension effect and depth will also be achieved through highlights. An experienced hairdresser will dye the hair in such a way that it will gain twice as much volume.

The hair structure also affects the hair volume. Waves, curls, and even gentle backcombing and crimping will work well. By doing such hairstyles, we automatically increase the volume of hair and we get the 3D effect. On the other hand, frequent treatments with heat may damage the strands and make them weaker and more vulnerable. Therefore, before creating any hairstyle, it is a good idea to use a thermo-protective cosmetic, and a smoothing and polishing preparation.

Cosmetics that increase the volume

This group of cosmetics includes powders, mousses and various styling products. The purpose of these cosmetics is to lift the hair at the roots, increase the volume of the hairstyle and facilitate styling. However, it should be remembered that using such products too often may irritate the scalp and dry out the hair. Therefore, after each application, cleanse the head thoroughly and apply nourishing cosmetics.

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