Are You a Smoker? See How Your Beauty Goes Up In Smoke…

Smoking causes…

We often hear or read this sentence. Next, a list of serious diseases follows. We all know the list by heart. Still, few of us want to admit that cigarettes damage both our health and good looks. In what way? Today, meet the ugly side of smoking!

Smoking vs Hair & Eyelashes

Cigarettes don’t only lead to the skin dehydration but also weaken the hair bulbs. As a consequence, a hair follicle is not able to hold the bulb so a hair falls out. A single hair? Unfortunately, we mean hair falling out in handfuls and dramatic eyelash loss. Your lashes might have been long and thick but because of smoking, they will never be properly nourished.

What’s the best hair and lash care for smokers?

Not long time ago, women couldn’t save their lashes from the nicotine damage. Now there is a cosmetic which is able to regenerate them: it is a lash serum. Regularly used, the serum helps you enhance the appearance and density of eyelashes. It has the ability to ensure an impressive length and promote the growth. Smokers can enhance their hair with natural oils and at-home hair and scalp oil treatment. Too bad, you can’t totally get rid of the smoke and toxin smell on your hair.

Smoking vs Skin

Free radicals are the biggest enemies of your skin. While smoking, they get into your body and begin the massive attack. Vitamin A and E seem helpless against the powerful army of free radicals. Cigarettes clog the pores, dehydrate the skin and disturb the natural pH, triggering the occurrence of wrinkles. They damage the skin fibers – collagen and elastin.

What’s the best skin care for smokers?

A smoker’s facial skin is prone to extreme dryness and loss of elasticity. You must keep providing it with a dose of moisture and use antioxidant-rich (vitamin C, E, A) creams; including them in your diet is a good idea, too. Because smoking exposes the skin to the excessive sunlight, go for sunblock. Smokers should also exfoliate their skin regularly – with scrubs or (best choice) mesotherapy.

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