First of all – youth! Dermika cosmetic series, Biogeniq

Is it possible to preserve young and pretty look for long time? Certainly, this is quite tough task, although, probable to accomplish. Biogeniq creams form Dermika brand are going to enable you to defend skin aging process. Just give these a chance.

Biogeniq collection comprises of eight cosmetic products. These are mainly destined to skin care for people from 35 to 60 years old. The prime goal of the products is to combat the wrinkles and smooth face skin. What is more, Dermika cosmetics moisturize, strengthen, firm and nourish face skin. The products from Biogeniq series comprise of: a preserving youth cream with SPF 15, a moisturizing and strengthening day and nigh cream, a nourishing, wrinkles reducing day and night cream, a smoothing cream, an anti-wrinkle firming cream, a cream-mask reducing the first signs of aging, an anti-wrinkle strengthening essence and a cream-mask reducing wrinkles around eyes.

Biogeniq collection from Dermika is full of innovative ingredients, namely: ectoine, algae, argan oil and plant extracts. The firstly enumerated component, ectoine, is an acid of organic origins present in bacteria. This substance enhances skin appearance, delays aging processes, protects skin from UV radiation, combats with skin getting flabby and from general firming loss. In the light of it, ectione is able to rejuvenate skin face. When it comes to the second ingredient, marine algae contributes to collagen and elastin production and, at the same time, making it firm and smooth. Argan oil, in turn, is the source of A and E vitamin, which are able to moisturize, nourish and regenerate epidermis. The plant extracts come from, among others, cactus, kunai grass, cictus and ginseng. This elements help in restoring the appropriate moisturization and firm level, work anti-inflammatory and regenerating.

Dermika Biogeniq cosmetics are closed in little, white and green jar-like containers. The capacity of these equals 50 ml, while the capacity of the cream-mask tube equals 15 ml. The product should be applied on dry and cleansed skin. It is suggested to pat the cosmetics into complexion with the aid of fingers. This manner of application provides also a kind of massage for our face skin.

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