What is rice powder for?

Rice powder is a refined rice starch known as Oryza Sativa. In this form, it has been used centuries ago in Ayurveda, or holistic health practices, where it supported the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions. From the sixteenth century, Asian girls had been using rice powder for makeup and skin cleansing, because it effectively absorbs oil. What other properties does rice powder have and what is its use? Which rice powder to choose, how to apply it and who is it intended for?

Rice powder – properties

Rice powder effectively absorbs sebum and moisture, which is why it works well with oily skin. In addition, it smoothes, brightens and mattifies the skin for a long time. Rice powder prolongs the durability of the makeup, provides the skin with UV protection, and thanks to the content of vitamins and minerals, it improves its condition. An additional advantage of rice powder is its multifunctionality: it can act as a fixing agent, makeup finishing touch, as well as foundation or primer. All these properties make it the perfect summer cosmetic.

Rice powder – use

Rice powder has softening, smoothing and mattifying properties. It also effectively accelerates the healing of inflammation. For this reason, it is recommended for the care of problematic skin, especially oily and acne.

Rice powder is available in several variants. Most often it has a loose form, but there are also pressed rice powders available. The cosmetic can be transparent or colored. The first one seems to be a safer choice for every skin because it does not tint the skin, but blends with its natural color.

Rice powder gives the long-lasting effects of a mattified complexion – the effect of its use is much more durable than in the case of traditional powders. It is largely determined by its ability to absorb sebum.

Which rice powder to choose?

The choice of rice powder is an individual matter, which should be guided by the shade and form of the cosmetic. Regardless of these criteria, it is worth paying attention to the quality of rice powder. The smallest number of artificial additives decides about it. It should be noted that the top of the list of ingredients is rice powder because in some powders it is replaced with talc. Rice powder can contain fragrances (parfum), but it does not have to, thanks to which the supporters of odorless cosmetics will also be pleased.

How to use rice powder?

Rice powder can be used in two ways.

The first option involves the use of transparent powder as a smoothing and mattifying makeup primer. In this case, rice powder is best used with a mineral foundation. For this purpose, first, apply the rice powder, and then the foundation, concealer and other colored cosmetics.

Rice powder can also be used as a finishing touch in any makeup, i.e. in the end. The effect of such use of rice powder is mattified skin.

How to apply rice powder?

Rice powder can be applied by various techniques. The most popular accessories used for this purpose are sponge, puff and a brush. Every woman should make her own choice, bearing in mind that:

  • the powder puff effectively mattifies the skin and gives it a proper finish. To find out, just scoop a little rice powder, tap to get rid of excess product and powder the selected parts of the face or the whole face,
  • powder sponge is best used for applying pressed powder. The sponge makes it easy to apply even on the go,
  • powder brush is very convenient when applying rice powder – regardless of whether it is a regular brush or a kabuki brush. To use it, take a little cosmetic on the brush, dab off the excess and sweep your face.

Rice powder – who is it recommended for?

Rice powder is a good solution for women with problematic skin, for example oily, combination, and acne, because it not only effectively mattifies the skin, but it also won’t inflame inflammation but it will accelerate the healing of acne changes.

Ladies who have a normal, dry or allergic complexion can go ahead and use rice powder without any concern as it is a gentle product.

In conclusion, rice powder is a versatile cosmetic that can be a makeup finish regardless of the type of skin. In addition, it does not dehydrate the skin, it does not irritate it and doesn’t cause any allergies.

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