Bamboo Activated Charcoal in Beauty Products – Ally of Flawless Face Skin

Hard coal, brown coal, peat… it’s time for its oriental version. Bamboo charcoal is currently taking over the cosmetic market. What properties it has and why it’s a second-to-none beauty product?

The name of the bamboo charcoal clearly suggest the plant it’s made from. It’s common knowledge that bamboos, especially their young shoots, are priceless in cosmetics and have strong hair and skin-rejuvenating and revitalizing properties. Does bamboo charcoal work similarly?

INCI/Ingredients: Charcoal Powder

Activated bamboo charcoal is produced from the special bamboo species (MOSO). It is the fastest-growing plant in the world which is a renewable resource. It grows back quickly after cutting; its height reaches even 30 meters.

From the point of view of cosmetology, it is important that bamboo charcoal is extremely clean and it’s produced in a favorable environment. Bamboo, meant for the production of charcoal, is harvested every five years and carbonized in over 1000 Celsius degrees. Next, it’s finely ground.

Bamboo Activated Charcoal – Cosmetic Properties

There’s a reason why bamboo charcoal is known as the black diamond. Its secret lies in the unique – incomparable with other substances – ability to bind various harmful substances (adsorption).

Simply put: bamboo activated charcoal gathers (and removes) all toxins settling on your skin, precisely cleans it, disinfects and heals all lesions (including acne), leaving the skin perfectly clean, smooth and slightly lightened.

Another valuable beauty benefit focuses on the ability of bamboo charcoal to perfectly absorb all unpleasant aromas and body secretions, not disturbing the natural protective barrier on skin. It is cut out for clogged skin which secrets too much sebum or e.g. oily scalp care, dandruff.

Because of lightening skin, bamboo activated charcoal will be ideal for ageing skin with visible pigmentation spots. It is also suitable for sensitive skin because it doesn’t trigger any irritations yet alleviates and calms skin down.

Effective cleansing and closing skin pores are other benefits of bamboo activated charcoal – regularly used, it gives your face a thorough cleaning, strikingly upgrading its looks. Pure, flawless skin free of impurities, pigmentation spots and open pores – that’s the effect of choosing bamboo activated charcoal products.

Bamboo Activated Charcoal in Beauty Products

Which products rich in this bamboo stunner should we go for to enjoy clean, voluminous hair and dream-like skin? Above all, pick the most natural ones. While shopping for bamboo charcoal micellar water or facial cream – it should be formulated without comedogenic substances, parabens, alcohols. They disturb the work of charcoal molecules and largely weaken its adsorption qualities.

What are the most effectively-working activated charcoal products? Mostly, the cleansing products, black masks which make up the perfect skin-purifying treatment, removing the sebum excess and closing pores – using them systematically once a week will do.

Another excellent solution, especially for people living in big cities and struggling with air pollution – purchasing an activated bamboo charcoal moisturiser. Not only does it sweep toxins and impurities away but also delivers a perfect 24-hour matte effect and works as a natural antioxidant.

If your skin produces sebum too easily and stores up impurities on the surface – give a bamboo charcoal micellar water a shot. Daily cleansing and make-up removal will bring much better results. Bamboo charcoal calms skin down and normalizes sebum secretion, not disturbing the hydro-lipid balance.

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