Top beauty products to test in 2020!

We’ve already made ourselves comfortable in 2020 and planned our summer holidays, and now we’re waiting for warm days to come. Let’s not cut off from the last year, though! 2019 was a year of numerous cosmetic marvels. Stunning, noteworthy products finally became popular. Do you know cosmetics labeled the top beauty products 2019? Take them to 2020. They won’t let you down, that’s for sure. Take your beauty kit to the next level and dare to stun people around!

1. Top beauty products 2019: Nanolash, the best eyelash serum

Up-to-the-sky eyelashes? It’s just a metaphor but when you look at your lashes after Nanolash treatment, this metaphor makes more sense! After a few weeks with Nanolash you will know what I mean. There are lots of users saying that their Nanolash-treated long and lovely lashes made them more confident and boosted their self-esteem. Therapeutic effect of a lash serum? Why not?!

2. Top beauty products 2019: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance, the best eyeshadow palette

Anastasia is a queen of brow makeup but the brand is making its way to the podium when competing with eye makeup brands as well. Every palette launched by ABH is like a big event whereas bloggers and youtubers fight to get it before it’s sold out. Modern Renaissance stuns with new, unusual shades and saturated pigmentation. This composition of hues is a masterpiece whereas the consistency tops all eyeshadows you’ve ever come across. It’s a total novelty and a new look at makeup. Mix the palette with the best Lashcode mascara for a mind-blowing effect you haven’t even dared to dream of!

3. Top beauty products 2019: The Ordinary, the best facial acids

The Ordinary has caused a stir on the cosmetic market and has won the customers’ love thanks to numerous marvelous products. The offer includes oils, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C… but there’s a jewel that tops them all: exfoliating peels that differ with concentration, intensity and effect. Your skin has a chance of going through a makeover, a positive change. It can simply be healthier. You don’t need in-salon facials anymore. The Ordinary transforms your skin and it does it in a gentle way! It’s a revolution in your skin care!

4. Top beauty products 2019: Nanoils, aka the best organic beauty oils

The best natural oils available on the market, poured into well-designed dark glass bottles. Fancy packaging, high quality and organic certified, eco-friendly, cold-pressed unrefined oils. Each and every drop is like a valuable elixir giving a full range of beauty benefits. You can choose between 6 Nanoil oils, each one lets you improve the appearance from head to toe. You can discover new amazing uses of Nanoils day by day. Don’t use them just on hair, scalp, face and under the eyes. Pour them into the bathtub, use them as nail soak and hand bath, rub into the nails, mix with serum, moisturizers, cosmetic clays. You can even use them to remove make-up!

5. Top beauty products 2019: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Pro Filter Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, the best foundation

Once you master a bit complicated and time-consuming application, you will love the product for the amazing matte finish, perfect coverage without the cake-face effect as well as flawless, velvety skin. This foundation gets through every weather and lasts all day. Ideal for every season of the year. It protects from unfavorable effect of outside aggressors, camouflages imperfections and you don’t need touch-ups. It might become iconic so testing it is a must!

6. Top beauty products 2019: Lashcode, the best mascara

This mascara can be called a pro makeup artist! Not only does it give amazing effect but also conditions lashes and keeps them safe. Lashcode protects, nourishes lashes thanks to the power of natural ingredients and even actively enhances their growth! After 6 months with Lashcode lashes look all different and are healthier, plus the mascara keeps fresh and its consistency stays the same very long. Hands down your lashes will be clump-free and stunning all day.

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