Face contouring is easy! Learn all about how to do it

Face contouring is the one step in make-up that is often skipped. Do you not feel proficient in the use of contouring brushes? If you do not know how to make your face gain that 3D effect and your contouring palette just sits there – you need to try our step by step instruction. You will learn all about how to correctly contour the face and avoid the grotesque effect.

Why do we contour our faces?

The face is being contoured to make face gain dimension and to simply make it look… prettier. Good work on contouring can make the beautiful parts of the face stand out more while concealing all the flaws.

Face contouring – loose product, cream, or stick?

Obviously, cosmetics for contouring are available in various forms. The classics are pressed powders that are slightly bigger than the one for eyes. You apply them to the face using a brush. If you are not skilled in contouring, then those will be the best to start with because thanks to their texture, you can apply them gently and have control over the intensity of the effect. Thanks to it, contouring will be subtle and will not dominate the entire make-up. However, if you decide that the effect is too weak, you can simply add another layer of the cosmetic.

Which brushes do you need for the contouring?

If you are on a budget, you shouldn’t buy three separate brushes for highlighter, bronzer, and blusher. It is enough that you buy just one but thick and cut at an angle brush. Each of its sides is for a different part of the face and for other cosmetics. It is the best choice for your first contouring. The brush should be made with a natural bristle (it would be best).

How to correctly perform face contouring – the guide

Apply the highlighter under the brow ridge and in the middle of the forehead. Remember to blend the edges so that the effect is natural – the light on the areas that have been treated to it can easily reflect.
Highlighting the top of the cheekbones can also make them nicely stand out.
Darken the area right under the cheekbones – it will perfectly smooth out the face. Moreover, if you have a high forehead, it is perfect if dark powder for contouring is applied along the hairline – it makes the forehead optically shorter. If you want to provide the face with additional depth and expression, apply the same dark powder in the temples area.
Where else should the dark powder go? For example, sides of the nose – you can make it look slimmer. The people who have a strong jawline can apply bronzer to the jaw area.
Highlighter is perfect at the top of the nose but also at the tip – obviously under the condition that you do not have a wide nose.
It can work for you to use a trick used by models and celebrities: place a brush dipped in highlighter on the upper and middle part of the lips as well as cupid’s bow. It will make your lips tempting and gain nice shape and depth.

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