Natural oils. Perfect cosmetics for the whole family

Supplying the entire family with essential body care products is a truly demanding task. Where should we look for the cosmetics which are safe both for kids and adults? Does something like the universal solution even exist?

It might seem that there’s no such thing like a perfect solution. However, there are almost perfect solutions, indeed – and we can include natural oils into this category. Using natural oils for beauty purposes is growing in popularity gradually and it shouldn’t be perceived as some pointless temporary trend. For example, hair oil treatment or skin oil treatment are beautifying processes that have been carried out by native people of Asia and Africa for centuries.

Inspired by what is natural, we frequently turn to old methods of beautifying ourselves and replace preservatives with natural oils because:

  • they lack preservatives, colourants and artificial fragrances,
  • you can use them instead of the whole bunch of regular cosmetics,
  • are suitable for various types of skin and hair,
  • work in a comprehensive way and solve many beauty problems,
  • don’t encourage adverse reactions (unless we are allergic to some plants).

The advantages of natural oils and their conditioning features can be enumerated for a really long time. It’s worth realizing though, they are a good solution for the whole family – natural oils (not the ones available at drugstores’ which are combined with other ingredients) can be used to treat new-born’s skin. Also, they are equally effective no matter if applied to female or male body, no matter of the age of user.

Universality is mostly owned to the wide variety of oils available. The truth is, there are hundreds of various vegetables that are used to extract oils from. In most cases, natural oils are obtained from fruits, seeds, blossoms and even sprouts. Nowadays, for beauty purposes there are over 100 natural oils used. The most popular though are coconut oil, argan oil, sunflower oil and shea butter.

What to use natural oils for?

Natural oils are the diversity of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. They can be applied to skin, hair and fingernails. The truth is, natural oils are able to successfully replace many cosmetics. Here is the list of the best ways of using natural oils.

  1. Hair Oil Treatment – natural oils can be applied to hair in many ways (wet, dry, hot and as a mist) in order to regenerate, nourish, moisturise, soften, improve elasticity, deliver gloss and protect strands. If you want to learn more about this treatment, you can find information on many websites entirely devoted to hair issues and how to treat it with natural oils.
  2. Skin Care – skin will also make a good use of some natural oil which are known for preventing water loss. Also, natural oils can help skin regain softness, smoothness and elasticity. Last but not least, natural oils prevent irritations.
  3. Fingernail Reinforcement – systematic application of natural oils to fingernails is recognized as a good way of regenerating, reinforcing, smoothing and delivering gloss to a fingernail plate as well as replenishing skin around nails with water.
  4. Face Cleansing – only few know that oils are perfect for face cleansing. You can use natural oils for, so-called, OCM which depends on applying an oil instead of a make-up removing lotion and a face cleansing gel. Definitely, OCM is a way more safer method of treating skin because natural oils wipe impurities off perfectly without living dermis dehydrated or irritated.
  5. Scalp Oil Treatment – since we can apply oils to hair and treat our skin with them, why wouldn’t we apply natural oils to the scalp? Natural oils are a magnificent support in terms of scalp care because they do more than just deliver water. Additionally, they eliminate dandruff, soothe irritations, prevent hair loss and accelerate it growth speed.

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