All year long skin care. Cosmetic acids that you can use in the summertime

Do you know that some acids can be used in the summer without any obstacles and with excellent results? It’s a great way to have a beautiful and healthy complexion all year long. Get to know the best acids for use in the summer and see how to use them to have a beautiful and healthy complexion.

Sun – for and against

A bit of sun is enough to improve our well-being, to increase the physical and mental performance, and to boost the synthesis of vitamin D in our body. Despite these advantages, excessive and improper use of the sun may have negative consequences:

  • skin keratosis,
  • skin dehydration,
  • disturbance of the hydro-lipid barrier of the epidermis,
  • formation of wrinkles and discolourations,
  • oxidative stress,
  • damage to the DNA of skin cells.

Chemical peel in the summer 

There is a widespread belief that chemical peels can be performed only in autumn and winter and if we undergo such a procedure in the summer or spring, we can get unpleasant imperfections. Meanwhile, exfoliation with acids can be done on sunny and warm days as well. Thanks to this treatment, we will prevent the negative impact of the sun on the skin.

Acids to use in the summer 

All acids that can be used in the summer do not cause photosensitizing and visible exfoliation. However, sun protection is necessary. The acids used in the minimum concentration bring the same effects as the high concentration acids used in winter. In summer, try the following acids: almond, azalea, shikimic, phytate, L-ascorbic, lactobionic, ferulic or apple acid.

Skin exfoliation in the summer 

If you decide to use exfoliating treatment in the summer, you should remember:

  • about protection from solar radiation,
  • about proper care with moisturizing and regenerating cosmetics,
  • stopping the use of other exfoliating products for the duration of the treatment,
  • not to use high-concentration acids.

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