What are the ways for boosting hair growth? Use these tried and tested hacks!

Long, thick, strong. Every woman would love to have such hair. If this isn’t a hairdo you can boast about, test a few tried and tested methods. Scalp treatments, conditioners, diet supplements and massage prove to be helpful.

Method 1: washing hair with your head down

In this way, you increase blood flow to your scalp. As a consequence, hair and hair bulbs are better nourished, reinforced and provided with the proper amount of oxygen. The ingredients included in products will be absorbed more quickly and easily to condition your hair. What is more, while washing hair in this position, you have better access to your scalp. This type of hair care method is called the inversion.

Method 2: products

Scalp treatments, shampoos, masks and oils work great in scalp and hair care. When you apply such products, it’s a good idea to massage the scalp to improve blood flow, nourish hair bulbs and prevent hair loss. The following ingredients should be contained in hair growth products: fenugreek, burdock, rosemary oil, nettle, horsetail, castor oil, vitamins.

Method 3: diet

Eating a properly balanced diet rich in appropriate nutrients can boost hair growth and condition your scalp. It is advisable to drink herbal teas, flaxseed infusion and take vitamin B. If you really dream of spectacular effects, you should carry on with the treatment for three months.

Method 4: non-standard methods

Can a horse balm or mustard oil speed up hair growth? It turns out they can. The two products stimulate hair bulbs so hair grows more quickly. Do a patch test before starting the treatment.

Although this method doesn’t boost hair growth, it makes your hairdo beautiful. What is it? Trimming hair ends and giving up layering. Hair ends’ damage “moves upwards”. Result? Dry, split, frizzy and distressed hair.

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