Eyelashes after a Makeover. Do Extensions Cause Lash Loss?

Eyelash extensions enjoy immense popularity among women. Beauty salons offer such a bewildering variety of falsies that we are spoilt for choice and have no idea which ones to pick. Semi-permanent lashes, volume lashes, 3D, 4D lashes, etc. Are they actually good for your own lashes?

Semi-permanent lashes

The treatment seems simple: there is one or two thin synthetic lashes attached to your own lash.

What happens next?

For 4-6 weeks you can enjoy doll-like lashes. However, later on, they start to rebel. First of all, the natural growth cycle makes falsies fall out so the eyelids start going bald – if you’ve picked volume extensions, the effect will be even more striking and surely not alluring. Secondly, your own lashes are overburdened and forced to lift weights – a thin eyelash must lift a synthetic extension which is twice its weight. This might leave lash bulbs in a run-down state, making them slip out of the hair follicles.

Cluster lashes

They look so romantic and give a dazzling finish but once they start falling out, you spot gaps in the eyelash line which looks (to put it mildly) bad. Cluster lashes don’t ensure natural effect so they won’t work for the fans of soft makeup. What’s more (and mentioned before), all types of falsies ruin our own lashes.

Strip lashes

What about inexpensive, widely-available and seemingly-harmless lashes you can buy at every store? You wear them during the day and take off before sleep. Even this type of falsies ruins your lashes – the adhesive used to attach them extremely damages the lash structure and while taking falsies off it pulls out your lashes (often together with the bulbs). That is why such falsies make the best choice exclusively for special occasions.

Eyelash lift/ perm

It is an alternative to… a lash curler but the effect lasts much longer. Natural lashes get a nice curl thanks to wrapping lashes around small curling rods. A professional perm product ensures the curl and lift. There is a thing to be remembered, though. Chemical substances included in the solution are strong enough to change the structure of lashes, as well as ruin their condition, irritate the eyeballs and cause allergic reactions.

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