How to help dry hair restore its good-looks? Home remedies for dry hair

Dry hair looks neither pretty nor healthy, therefore it’s a good idea to pursue its condition improvement. Why does hair get dehydrated? How to recognize dry hair and how to take care of it? Below you’ll find home remedies for dry hair.

Why does hair get dehydrated?

Hair fibers get damaged when exposed to frequent invasive procedures such as dyeing, bleaching, blow drying or straightening. When carried out unskillfully, they can lead to deterioration of protective lipid barrier, and what is directly linked with this – to hair dehydration. Unprotected hair cuticle rises which makes hair lose water and become dry really fast.

Similar mechanism applies to damaged hair which is often confused with dry hair. The difference though depends on the fact that damaged hair, although being brittle and rough, still can remain shiny and even get too greasy. Dehydration is recognized as natural process of curly hair, whereas when affects any other hair types it should be linked with ill-matching care and frequent hairdressing exposure. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you should resign from dyeing or heat styling your strands. Just choose qualified hairdressers and protect your hair against heat.

How to define dry hair?

Dry hair is rough to the touch, non-elastic and lacks shine, especially right after washing it. Dry hair might be normal at roots but in most cases it’s dry from the ear level downwards. It’s brittle, easily tangles and it’s hard to run a comb through it and style. Moreover, dry hair is fast to get frizzy and static. Finally, dehydrated hair is damage-prone, which is why, it requires systematic trimming to avoid split ends.

How to treat dry hair?

First and foremost, cuticles of dry hair must be closed. To do it, hair must be rinsed with either cool water or vinegar. Moreover, dry and damaged hair should be acidified before applying a conditioner. You can do it by applying an intimate wash to strands to rinse it after a few minutes. Since dry hair requires a daily dosage of hydration, after washing you should follow with a mask or a conditioner. Best if this hair care product contains one of the following ingredients: linseed, oat, almond oil, shea butter, keratin, argan oil.

Ways of healing dry hair

Dry hair should be blow dried as rarely as possible, best if not exposed to a hair dryer at all. However, when that’s impossible, you should at least resign from using hot air stream and replace it with cool air stream with a diffuser assembled to the hair dryer. Use of other heat styling tools should be limited to the minimum. When you are forced to use a flat iron or curler, remember to apply a heat protection spray to shield hair against high temperature.

Additionally, dry hair shouldn’t be dyed or bleached on one’s own because unskillful and too frequent colour treatment might damage even the most beautiful hair. For that reason, you should undergo such procedures only in trusted hairdresser salons. It’s also a good idea to have hair trimmed regularly.

Moreover, it’s better not to tie hair in tight ponytails or use ties that break hair. This in turn impedes water and nourishing substances from reaching hair ends. For that reason, a rubber ties should be replaced with a hair clamps. Furthermore, it’s a bad idea to rub hair with a towel or twisting it – this limits nourishing substances from reaching hair ends too.

Home remedies for dry hair

  • Egg yolk mask for dry hair
    Combine the following ingredients: one egg yolk, half lemon juice and a few drops of castor oil. Apply the mask to hair and rinse after 30 minutes using lukewarm water. Shampoo as normally.
  • Banana mask for dry hair
    Take a banana, a half of ripe avocado, 4 tbsp. kefir, 2 tsp. wheat oil and 1 tsp. honey. Combine the ingredients and apply to clean hair. Rinse after approximately 40 minutes using lukewarm water.
  • Super fast mask for dry hair
    Mix half avocado (mashed with a fork) with 2 tbsp. coconut oil. Apply to hair and secure with a bath cap. Rinse the mask after 15 minutes.

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