Nanoil hair oil – in the healthy hair tournament

Sometimes hair care resembles a game. There is you against hair damaging squad. One false move and your hair is being defeated: becomes dull, brittle, overburden, frizzy, lacks vitality and falls out…the list of damages can be very long. Before you lose the entire season, reach for a player thanks to whom your enemies will tremble. It is a hair oil called Nanoil. It is an undisputed star of the season, ensuring victory in every field. With Nanoil, you will get rid of any hair-related problems. This oil will always take the first place in the category: care and regeneration of hair.
Nanoil did not go for a compromise when creating its hair care products. The company focused on the quality and power of natural ingredients, especially oils, which have been valued for centuries as healing agents and beauty products.

But that is not where the strength of Nanoil ends. In order to defeat the enemy, you must first learn his weaknesses. Therefore, Nanoil comes in three versions, each matched to a different type of hair, in other words – its porosity.

You can distinguish three types of porosity:

  • low – low porosity hair have tightly bound cuticle layer with overlapping scales
  • medium – medium porosity hair with looser cuticle layer
  • high – high porosity hair has gaps and holes in the cuticle

Each of the three types of porosity follows its own rules and hair of low porosity look and behave quite differently than strands with high porosity. It is therefore logical that every type of hair requires different care and various care components.

Nanoil is adapted to each of the three types of hair porosity, thus there are three oil versions. Each of them is properly balanced and precisely developed to provide hair with exactly what it needs to grow strong, beautiful, healthy and shiny.

Furthermore, Nanoil is also the answer to every hair-related problem. It not only nourishes and beautifies, but also deeply regenerates. Day after day, Nanoil makes your hair problems disappear. How is it possible? To explain it, a brief description of each of the 3 Nanoil hair oils will be necessary.

Hair oils Nanoil – team presentation:

1. Nanoil for low porosity hair

This type of hair needs, most of all, light substances which will not weigh it down. Low porosity strands are thick and stiff, lack volume, scalp often produces excessive amount of sebum as it is covered with a heavy layer of hair. Too long and heavy hair with low porosity may begin to fall out excessively. That is why it is important to provide proper care not only to hair, but also scalp. Nanoil is free of silicones, parabens and other comedogenic substances. It not only enhances hair and makes it soft, but also takes care of the scalp regeneration leaving it clean and groomed. As a result, strands are lifted and gain volume.

2. Nanoil for medium porosity hair.

This type of hair needs to have a little more support during treatment. The cuticles of medium porosity hair are raised, thanks to which strands easily absorb conditioning agents, as well as toxins and pollutants. You must pay attention to what you use for nourishing such kind of hair, because inadequate care can cause more harm than good. Medium porosity strands can be very dehydrated, frizzy and static as well as fall out and become dull if not provided with the components they need. Nanoil comprises a set of fatty acids of omega-7 and omega-9 group, and a range of substances that enhance the effects of oils. Undoubtedly, the most important are: silk (beautifies and enhances the flexibility of hair) and UV filter that protects hair from harmful effects of the sun radiation.

3. Nanoil for high porosity hair

This type of hair is extremely damaged and requires intensive regeneration. Its scales are raised up very high, therefore hair looses water and becomes dehydrated, rough and dull. Strands loose their strength, vitality and brilliance. Nanoil is a great remedy for such problems. The product will not only regenerate hair on its entire length by repairing damages on the surface but will also take care of proper level of scalp and hair hydration and strengthen bulbs. Hair regain good health. What is more – appropriately selected natural oils will protect hair by forming a microscopic occlusive layer that will shield strands from destruction. The composition of Nanoil for high porosity hair also consists of: panthenol, keratin, lanolin, silk and UV filter. All these ingredients support the action of natural oils, providing hair with lustre, softness, elasticity, regeneration and protection from the sun.Nanoil - all 3 oil types

Nanoil is a player of the best world league. It fulfils your dreams of having absolutely beautiful and healthy hair from roots to ends. All you need to do is to choose the best player who will lead you to victory.

16 Comments “Nanoil hair oil – in the healthy hair tournament”

  1. Olivia

    I regret that I found out about this oil only recently

  2. Lilly

    My hair dresser recommended me this oil when my hair started falling out and it worked really well. It didn’t fall out that much and grew faster. I noticed baby hair growing pretty fast so yes, I’ll probably get back to this product soon

  3. Izzy

    When it comes to the compostion, I’d say it’s the best oil on the market

  4. Kaya

    It’s the only product tha helped me so effectively. About I year ago I was dealing with serious hair loss. I tried literally everything whithout any improvement. This was my last chance and it turned out to be great! but you must apply it regularly for several weeks.

  5. Patty89

    I use this oil three times a week before shampooing. Halfway through the first bottle, I could already see effects! My hair stopped falling out and more importantly, it started growing back! After I finished the second bottle the problem disappeared completely and my hair is now thicker, stronger. The only downside of the product is the price but as it turned out it is worth buying something more expensive yet effective! For all the product I used before I waste about the same amount of money if not even more and nothing helped. I thoroughly recommend it.

  6. Agness

    Nice scent, my hair is now not only stronger but it looks better and is incredibly shiny! And I have a lot of new baby hair! Maybe it’s a bit pricey but worth every penny!

  7. Sylviee

    The best thing about it is that you can buy the one you need because the oils match various hair types! I don’t recall any other cosmetic that would be able to match hair porosity

  8. Mary

    It helped me when I had problem with oily scalp

  9. Emily S

    I am a fan of using flaxseed oil for hair oiling

  10. Gabrielle

    My hair has quickly regained good condition thanks to using this oil (nanoil for high porosity). My hair became stronger and I can see new hair growing in the places where you could see the loss. What’s more, it looks a lot better and is much easier to style! what I like the most is the beautiful shine! do not hesitate, get your own 😉

  11. Natalieee

    I think I’ll orger the one for medium porosity hair because my hair is exactly how it’s described on the website, maybe the frizz will finally stop

    • Mila

      I had this oil for high porosity hair and it significantly improved its condition. Right now, I am using the one for medium porositu and it’s my personal favourite!

  12. Malaga

    the composition seemd amazing but the price a bit discouraging

  13. AlexaM

    thanks to this article, I finally know what’s my hair type:D

  14. Nicole123

    I am still trying to convince myself to start hair oiling and somehow I can’t get round to it…I am worried about how long I’ll have to wash it all off, once I applied castor oil to my hair and then I spend the whole evening washing it off, it was like 5 times in a row

  15. Maddison

    I have high porosity hair but I know I did this to mysefl:( I have been bleaching my hair for a long time and straightening it every single day and now I have one big disaster on my head. I’ve been using among oil for a while know but I’d love to try out this oil


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