8 things you don’t know about vitamin C!

Vitamin C is an amazing ingredient to treat a cold but what makes it so popular in skin care? Why is it labeled the most powerful skin care product and why a fine-quality vitamin C serum is like investment in smooth, youthful skin that keeps enchanting for long years? Do you want flawless skin? Discover 8 surprising facts about vitamin C that you had no idea about!

1. Vitamin C heals… acne!

Acne is affecting both youngsters and adults these days. If you’re also bothered by skin blemishes and have already tried the so-called everything and substances which dry out skin instead of treating it, try a good vitamin C face serum. This kind of treatment doesn’t just let you get rid of pimples in short time. It additionally lessens the intensity of all kinds of post-acne marks and discoloration. Vitamin C makes the skin brighter and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

2. Vitamin C is ideal for skin at all ages

Known for brightening and moisturising properties, vitamin C has a brilliant effect on skin and is recommended for use already after we turn 20. The huge antiaging potential makes vitamin C a top choice among mature women: the ingredient smoothes wrinkles, evens out skin tone, illuminates, increases resilience and firmness of skin.

3. Vitamin C is strong & delicate at the same time

Considering that vitamin C is so powerful and has such intensive antioxidative effect, it comes as a surprise that it’s so mild at the same time. The delicacy results from the vitamin C being unstable. Pure form of vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) is unstable and thus sensitive to the effect of light and temperature, oxidizes fast and loses its properties. That’s why it works mostly in the epidermis.

4. Not all forms of vitamin C work the same

Because the most commonly-used form of vitamin C, i.e. the above-said L-ascorbic acid, is very unstable, cosmetic brands often use vitamin C derivatives to fully use its great potential. There are a few vitamin C forms yet ethyl ascorbic acid is the most stable and the best for beauty purposes. It’s been actually labeled a new generation of vitamin C and is often used in top-quality cosmetics. It’s the priciset form of vitamin C yet the most effective one at the same time.

5. Vitamin C in form of serum gives the best effect

How so? Vitamin C “specializes” in inner skin parts: its antioxidant effect and ability to stimulate collagen synthesis forces the vitamin to work in deepest skin layers. In order to transport it inside, vitamin C needs a good carrier which won’t allow for losing precious properties. Serum is a perfect carrier. It is a light cosmetic which is supposed to penetrate the skin so its number of active ingredients is overwhelming. Vitamin C serum is one of must-haves if you’re a woman following conscious skin care routine. How do you know you have a good vitamin C serum? How to pick one? Learn more here: How to Choose Effective Face Serum?

6. Vitamin C is the most intensive, rejuvenating antioxidant

The antioxidant potential of vitamin C still amazes both cosmetologists and researchers. It is specialized in sweeping off free radicals, brilliantly enhances cell repair and inhibits oxidative process so we can avoid lots of skin conditions and disturbed skin functioning, as well as turn back the clock and block aging process.

7. Vitamin C gives effects after just a few uses

We like to use cosmetics which don’t make us wait long for the results. That’s why we’re going to love vitamin C. It reveals some of its power right away so your skin is likely to be radiant, bouncy and rested after a few applications. Fatigue and sallow face gives place to refreshed, vital, lively skin. Introducing a good vitamin C serum into your daily skin care is all it takes.

8. Vitamin C enhances sun protection

It’s an important aspect of skin care yet it’s still “left out”. UVA and UVB radiation is the biggest skin’s enemy. Not only is it carcinogenic but also contributes to faster skin aging, triggers wrinkles, discoloration, extremely dry and irritated skin. The radiation irreversibly destroys our resources of collagen and the skin’s supporting framework, reducing its ability to repair. That is why it’s a key thing that vitamin C makes sunscreen work more intensively and it’s a perfect ingredient in sunblocks. Use it in form of serum to keep your skin young, firm and wrinkle-free for long years.

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