No Lipstick? Make It Yourself! Lipstick Recipe

Are you about leaving your home but your only lipstick has miraculously vanished? Perhaps you’re on a journey and you’ve forgotten to pack it? No worries! Keep reading to see best alternatives to regular lipsticks that we’ve gathered for you. DIY lipsticks that you can make easily using the items you have close at hand.

It’s a good thing to know a few useful tricks that may save the day, especially in case of some unexpected situations. One of them includes conjuring beauty products, for example a lipstick! How to make one?

DIY Alternatives To Lipsticks and Lip Balms

Before moving on to the recipes, think for a while what product you actually need: a lipstick or a lip balm? The difference between those two products is bigger than most ladies think.

Although a lip balm can add color to the lips, it’s generally perceived as a product that conditions the skin. For that reason, making a lip balm at home is far from being difficult because all you need to do is grab something that would moisturize, smooth out and protect the lips. Some of such substances are shea butter, castor oil, other plant oil, or vaseline.

It gets a little bit harder when it comes to making home lipstick because this cosmetic is formulated with pigments and is saturated with color. In this case it may be difficult to find an all-natural alternative but nobody said that this task is impossible. Yes, you can make your own lipstick at home!

Ingredients. What Will You Need To Make DIY Lipstick?

If you feel like making your own customized lipstick, you should collect at least two ingredients. One that would be the base ingredient and the other that would add color to your product. And there are a couple of colorants that you can use.

  1. Base ingredient of diy lipstick – the easiest way to create your own lipstick would be by using a lip balm that you probably already have somewhere. However, if you don’t have any, try using natural and organic skin cosmetics such as coconut oil, shea butter or vaseline.
  2. Pigment for diy lipstick – to get the right color, you need a substance containing a lot of pigment such as beetroot juice, mashed raspberries, powdered raspberries or just a food dye. You can also use other makeup products to get the color, e.g. a blusher or lipliner.

Recipe for Homemade Lipstick

When you collect all ingredients, making lipstick is child’s play. Combine the base ingredient with a portion of colorant that would give you the color you want to wear on your lips. Obviously, mixing both substances becomes smoother if you warm up oil, vaseline or balm first. Not only will it be easier for you to incorporate the colorant into the base ingredient but also when your lipstick cools down, it will have an even and smooth texture.

DIY Lipstick. Things You Need To Know!

You shouldn’t forget that the product you’ve just made is a kind of replacement that rather won’t replace your regular lipstick for good. Lipstick recipe is more of a quick solution that may help you in case of an emergency. Why?

Natural lipstick made at home is:

  • less intensive, as far as the color goes of course
  • not as long-wearing as its ready-made version available in a drugstore
  • harder to apply evenly to the lips
  • not as good at creating even cover as a regular lipstick does

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