How to cover up greasy hair fast?

Sadly, not everyone of us has hair that remains fresh for a few days after being washed. The good news is that if your hair is fast to get greasy, you must realize that there is no need to wash the strands every day to look good. After all, you can take advantage of techniques that allow you cover up greasy hair quickly.

Dry shampoo

This is probably the most popular way to help hair stay fresh for longer. Definitely, a travel-size bottle of dry shampoo should find its place in every handbag. Basically, you can choose a dry shampoo by its fragrance, properties or just match it with your hair colour. How to apply it? At the beginning, you have to shake the bottle and then spray it over your greasy hair holding the bottle more or less 6 inches from the scalp. At the end, comb the hair so as to get rid of the white residues of the dry shampoo. This beauty product provides hair with shine, volume boost and, naturally, it absorbs sebum.

Potato starch

What can you use if there is no dry shampoo at home? It might surprise you but potato starch might come to the rescue in this troublesome situation. This product absorbs moisture, sweat, sebum, makes hair look fresh and lifts it at the roots. Just rub a little bit of the starch into scalp and hair. Then, comb them or use a dry towel to rub the hair with delicately. Within a few seconds your hairstyle will be glossy and voluminous.

The right hairdo

By tying hair up in a right way, you can camouflage the fact that it has got too greasy overnight. In this case curls are able to distract the attention from the top of the head that isn’t fresh. Also, backcombing of the hair parts that grow near the scalp may do the work too. Finally, greasy hair can be camouflaged by hairdos that are arranged at the top of the head, for example crown braid, symmetric buns or French braid.

Headwear and hair accessories

This is probably the easiest way to hide greasy hair. All that has to be done is put on a hat or a headband. If you don’t want to reveal that you use a particular hair accessory to cover up your greasy hair, you can choose the items that will go with your outfit or follow the prevailing trends.

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