Metallic eye make-up. Pure Color Gelée Powder EyeShadow from Estee Lauder

Single eye shadows from Estee Lauder are characterized by their metallic colour and rugged surface. These are put in a compact, little box closed in a click-fit. Inside the box, we can find a mirror and a little applicator with a white make-up sponge. What is more, Estee Lauder Pure Color Gelée Powder EyeShadows are available in four following colour versions: Cyber Teal, Cyber Gold, Cyber Silver and Cyber Copper. Each of the cosmetic weights 3,8 grams.

This product from Estee Lauder can be applied in two different ways. If you want to make your eyes gain more depth and expressiveness, dump the applicator into water. In effect, the eye shadows applied in such a way will have more intense metallic shine.

Moreover, Pure Color Gelée Powder EyeShadow from Estee Lauder is of powdery and gel consistency. For that reason, the cosmetic is easy to apply, does not cumulate in the crease of your eyes and does not run during a day or during application. Furthermore, the product was ophthalmologically tested and does not contain fragrances. Under those circumstances, it can be used by people having sensitive skin around eyes or by those wearing contact lenses.

Eye make-up with Pure Color Gelée Powder EyeShadow from Estee Lauder

Just with the aid of the single eye shadow from Estee Lauder it is possible to perform the complete eye make-up. After cleansing the face, put on the eyelids a make-up base of your choice. Certainly, the cosmetic will hold better this way. Then, pick the shadow of Pure Color Gelée Powder that suits you best. After that, with the dry applicator, put the cosmetic on the whole upper eyelid. Next, in the outer corners of the eyes, apply the eye shadow, but this time, with a dampen applicator. As a result, you achieve smoky eye effect effortlessly. In the inner corners of the eyes along with the lower eyelid and under eyebrows you can apply a slightly brighter eye shadow, a bright concealer or a highlighter in order to optically make the eyes bigger and wide-open. Finally, mascara your eyelashes thoroughly.

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