User’s handbook for Castor oil. How to oil hair with Castor oil?

The most common oil appearing in hair maniacs’ beauty product collection is definitely Castor oil. Thanks to a regular use, it improvs shine and can even boost growth. How to oil the hair with Castor oil to make the best of it?

The most popular yet the most difficult oil to apply to the hair. Its advantage is availability and a very low price. Castor oil can be purchased in every drugstore or pharmacy (it is sold as a laxative drug). Bloggers like to elaborate on its tremendous effects, but warn that it must be used regularly. 

– Stimulates scalp’s blood circulation which leads to boosting hair growth.

– Strengthens hair bulbs; prevents hair loss.

– Makes the hair shiny, smooth and can even darken the colour. 

For ages, hair oiling with Castor oil has been a method of care well-known to women from all over the world. The oil is thick and very sticky and is to be applied to in the scalp and hair, however, it is easy to damage delicate strands this way. The hair can be brittle and fall out, especially if it is stuck together, pulled off while brushing out and repeatedly cleaned to thoroughly wash the oil off. All things considered, is Castor oil suitable for hair oiling at all? Yes, of course! Nevertheless, it is worth knowing a few simple tricks that will help you take control over such a thick substance. 

How to oil the hair with Castor oil?

It is best to rub it into the scalp because if used on the hair on its own without any additional oils, it might increase oiliness. Applying it to the scalp brings much better results because this way, we are able to nourish the bulbs that later grow healthy and strong hair. Castor oil should be massaged in circular motions with the fingertips for a few minutes. This will also stimulate blood circulation and increase oil absorption. What is more, this method can be facilitated with a few easy ways:

– heat up the oil (not too much to burn yourself) this way it will become runnier. Additionally, hot oil treatment is more effective.

– dilute Castor oil with another oil of a lighter consistency, for example, Argan oil, Almond oil, Grape or Sunflower oil. There are many options, and blend can consist of several different oils. However, it is worth matching them to the hair porosity.

– use Castor oil on hair as an addition to homemade masks, for instance, blend it with eggs, avocado, yoghurt, honey and aloe. The oil enriches their valuable properties and is better absorbed by the hair.