RevitaLash Vs Nanolash

Today I am coming to you with the update on the Revitalash Enhancer review. I have introduced this product 2 months ago and I was full of hope that it will change my life. I was applying it eyery day not missing any, single application so I am sure that I have done everything properly. Here I am two months later looking at my lashes, and what do I see?

I am sad to say that the RevitaLash has not gave me the results I wanted. My lashes are weak and short due to wearing extensions for over a year. I can see that lashes are a little stronger but after such a long time I still cannot see a big improvements. Before buying this product, I was doing a research online and RevitaLash and Nanolash had the same good publicity. I decided to go with the Revitalash, although many claimed that it often causes eye irritation, with which I must agree.

Last week after not seeing improvement in the appearance of my lashes, I swapped RevitaLash for Nanolash. I am using it for a couple of days but I already can say that it is such a relief not to have that burning sensation on your lid every night that I am pleased for that move. It is gentle to my eye area and my eyes are not getting red.

It’s not long since I have started using Nanolash but I have already noticed that my lashes are shiner and that lesser fall out when I take my mascara off. Apart from that, Nanolash is half-cheaper than RevitaLash and hopefully, if I like it, I could afford to get another bottle of the product. I honestly, don’t know why eyelash serums cost so much. I think it is ridiculous to spend £100 on an eye product, regardless whether it is a mascara or a serum.

I will give Nanolash two months and I will come back with my results. The producer promises a big improvement within the first 30 days so I think that the next eyelash serum post will be quite soon.

Let me know pls what you are using and what works the best. Have you tried RevitaLash or Nanolash before? What are the results?

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