Eyebrow make-up can be easy! Provided that you know a few make-up tricks…

Beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows – this a trend these days. Ideally, if they don’t look like painted with the use of a ruler. According to the canon, which has been followed for several seasons, eyebrows should be thick, expressive and strong. How to do eyebrow make-up to make them look beautiful, feminine and avoid the risk of becoming the stage version of a drag queen?

TOP 7. How to properly do eyebrow make-up? Learn the best make-up tricks

  1. Nude make-up pencil – it magically lifts eyebrows up, brightens the gaze, at the same time masking any faults. Nude pencil is also a great help during hair removal. You can mark the contours of the eyebrows with it before plucking the hairs – this way you will be able to see how they will look after the removal. The pencil can easily be removed, the contours corrected and the general look improved.
  2. Properly mark the beginning of your eyebrows – that is, the widest part just by the nose. This is most often done with the use of a pencil. Place it next to the flare of the nostril so that it touches the inner corner of the eye. This is exactly the place where your eyebrow begins. Obviously, this method works well with a symmetrical face. However, if your eyes are wide- or close-set, you need to mark the beginning of your eyebrows by trial and error – so that your eyebrows ideally match the eye size. It’s recommended that a technician does it for you for the first time.
  3. NO for eyebrow stencils and stamps. In theory, eyebrow stencils have been created to help to achieve an ideal brow shape. In practice, every woman has a different shape of the face, eyebrows, length and width of the arch. The use of universal stencil is an easy way to get a very unnatural effect. It’s better to learn how to operate an eyebrow pencil, a shadow or even a pomade.
  4. Choose the right colour of your eyebrow make-up cosmetics – this is an extremely important issue. Even the most beautifully done eyebrows will look bad if the colour of the cosmetic has been improperly chosen. In general, it needs to match the colour of your hair and complexion. A warm type requires warm shades, cold – cold shades. There is also a whole range of neutral colours that anyone can use – provided that they match the colour of the hairs. If your eyebrows are too light – you can make them one or two tones darker, but remember that too drastic change is almost always a mistake.
  5. Blend the cosmetic and comb your eyebrows to make them look natural – improperly done eyebrows usually have very sharp contours. This is not a big issue on the bottom brow line, but a sharp upper line can give an unnatural effect. That’s why it’s recommended to comb the hairs after each make-up – try to blend slightly the edges and the beginnings of the eyebrows. On the other hand, the lines near the brow end can be a bit sharper. Therefore, the brow lines should be blended and pass from a delicate to a stronger colour. Use a small brush to comb your eyebrows and blend the colour.
  6. Choose the right eyebrow make-up product. This is quite important: each make-up product gives a different effect. The owners of thick and dense eyebrows can use a colourless gel or an eyebrow mascara. Thin and sparse eyebrows require a cosmetic that will visually thicken them. A good idea would be a product with which you can draw single hairs (eyebrow pomade, dye). A very convenient and precise cosmetic is an eyebrow pencil. It can be used to fill in the gaps in the eyebrows and mark the contours. Remember, however, than eyebrow pencils are less durable than pomades or dyes.
  7. Choose the brush. If you use liquid or semi-liquid products (pomade, dye, wax), remember that the most important tool is the brush. It cannot be just a random brush – it should have the right size and shape. The perfect one is an angled, flat brush – only then will you draw an ideal line and naturally-looking hairs.

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