Preventing Split Hair Ends: What to Use?

Splitting is one of the top hair-care problems most of us face up to. Even hair that looks healthy and strong needs a trim from time to time to avoid ragged tips. Is it possible to keep them split-proof without the scissors? You need to prevent them from splitting, ideally using one of the below remedies.

Avoiding the unwanted skin or hair problems is the base of a conscious beauty routine. We all know it’s easier to prevent damage than devote lots of time to fixing it.

How to keep hair ends from splitting?

As far as hair care goes, protection is as crucial as hydrating, nourishing and repairing. Damage is caused by factors like the sun, toxins, heat, but also physical factors making the hairs split. We must protect ourselves from all of them because trimming is the only remedy once the ends split. To avoid that, we can reach out for lots of helpful products such as hair oils, serums, homemade masks and protective spray-on conditioners.

The best ways to prevent split hair ends


If you don’t like messing around with DIY treatments, get a lightweight hair serum. Most serums are based on silicones or oils which envelope the hair keeping it damage-proof. Still, you must make sure it isn’t overloaded by alcohols, preservatives and synthetic additives.


Almond oil is a popular pick among girls that are big on natural beauty solutions. It’s extremely lightweight, which makes it stand out among other oils. Sweet almond oil doesn’t weigh hair down or leave it greasy. A drop is all it takes: warm it between the palms and apply to the tips of hair to make them smooth, shiny and safe.


If you haven’t got almond oil on hand, feel free to use argan oil because it’s a perfect replacement. It’s more popular so you’ll easily find it or you probably have it at home. A small amount of the oil rubbed into the ends shouldn’t weigh hair down but make it smoother and keep it safe, also from the heat-styling damage.


A less popular cottonseed oil also works well, securing the hair ends. It’s good to find it because it’s the only one to repair damaged hair tips. So, apart from protecting, it revives the hair.


If you’ve got some spare time, you can try making a natural serum for healthy hair ends. Flax seeds are made for this purpose since they’re rich in nutritional ingredients. How to make flaxseed gel? Pour hot water over the seeds and put them aside for as long as you want (several minutes will do). After draining the seeds, the gel is ready to use: rub it into hair to protect the ends and enhance the curl (killing two birds with one stone).

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